trials seat

What are the critical features of a trial seat? I’m thinking a smallish, light, and simple design without too much padding volume would be best for me. Has anyone tried a minimalist seat similar to what the two wheel trials bikes use?

Thanks, Greg

I use what is essentially a cut-down myata seat.

I did go for one with no seat at-all, just a handle - this worked ok but It’s nice to have the seat there as it gives you that extra bit of security.

Comfort is more important to me than performance and I also ride about an hour a day so a rock hard seat would be no good. I’m getting the KH saddle by velo.


I prefer my Miyata (with Kinport) over my Velo for Trials hands down

The Velo is Huge

My plans for my trials seat are to either A drill out, or B, make a carbon fiber Viscount style saddle, I’m also planning on attaching a Kingport Handle to the front, or a reeder. Too bad I dont have any money and the next thing on my uni to do list is to get a Muni.