Trials Saddle?

Whats a good trials saddle?


a thin one

A viscount makes a pretty nice one. Add a KH handle to it.

i have big hands and i have no problems with a kh fusion

Nevermind this, double post.

The whole idea of a kh fusion is not that you can take of the cover to wash it, it is partly because you should be able to cut the foam to prefered shape ang thickness.

Here is a pic of my trials, with the modified seat, an onza-seat with a kh fusion cover, they’re all the same anyway…

The diference is huge! Now it’s very comfty so hold the saddle, and i mean it!

Halv of the foam is what we in sweden call ‘lagom’, a better word for “not too little, not too much” :wink:

The UDC Gel Saddle is good for trials. Its much thinner than the standard KH saddle (no cutting down foam required!) so its easier to hold with one hand seat-in-front.

I think the viscount is one of the best bcause of the solid base and it’s thin… but if you have more money get any seat with a carbon-fiber base those are really strong

I just spent 2 rides on a Scott Wallis saddle. Without a doubt the best saddle ever for muni, trials, or street. Super stiff, light, and strong. I’ve been riding a miyata cf base on various setposts for over a year, and still, without a doubt the SW saddle beats it in stiffness and general solidness. Excellent side grips for SIF. The DG handle is excellent aswell, although some complain of it getting slippery when sweat gets on it. I never noticed.
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I like my trials saddles with either VERY little padding or none at all. That way they’re thinner for SIF grips. I’m thinking I’ll use some old foam from a Miyata saddle on this one, if anything.

If you have a miyata base and you have some extra KH foam you can cut off a thin piece of foam from the top of the kh and its pretty close to the shape of the miyata base. It is a little bit too long so it goes over the front of the base a little bit but not much. I did that for my miyata CF base and it feels like it is made for it (I have a KH fusion cover too so it fits exactly.)

I had a related comment. I just replaced my Gemcrest cf base on my MUni with a full Scott Wallis setup - Death Gripper handle with the D-Rail Base. Stellar set up.

That left me with the gemcrest to move over to my trials. I was putting it together today. Originally as an air seat, but started to think.

Maybe the stock miyata foam would be better. Three years ago, Kris had an airseat on his trials at Santa Cruz. Anyone recommend the airseat over the stock foam for trials? From this thread, seems like most people like the foam.

Incidently, I am building the seat up with a Fusion cover on the Gemcrest Cf base as JC had recommended with his freestyle uni a few weeks ago. The only problem has been where to cut the under part of the Fusion seat cover to get it sandwiched under the handle and bumper. I got the front cut well, but the back is pending.

CF base is a must, IMHO.

It’s my trials seat that has the Fusion cover.

The seat is:
Miyata style carbon fiber base
Vinyl tubing over the edges under the seat for seat in front holds
Viscount foam plus miscellaneous foam pieces for shape as needed
Miyata rear bumper
Kinport front handle
GB4 handle reinforcement plate
KH Fusion seat cover

Works well. More comfy than a Viscount even though it uses the Viscount foam. The KH Fusion seat cover fits the Miyata style seat base almost perfectly. I didn’t need to cut any holes in the seat cover make it fit or make clearance for bolts or the handle. I didn’t need the drawstring so I removed it. The elastic at the front and rear of the seat cover hold it snug and the front handle and rear bumper hold it on.

Foam is the way to go for a trials seat or freestyle seat. Air gives you too much disconnect from the uni and gives you less control and finesse for balance moves where you’re sitting on the seat (skinnies, etc.).

For foam the Miyata foam, Viscount foam, KH Gel saddle foam or trimmed down KH Fusion foam should all work. Choice is going to be personal preference and what you happen to have on hand. A little trimming and playing around with the shape of the foam may be necessary. It took me a few iterations with the Viscount foam before I had it comfy to my liking. I had to cut part of the nose off because the Viscount seat is longer than the Miyata. Then I found that the middle area was too thick so that needed to be shaved down using an electric carving knife. Rode around to see how it was. Decided the back needed a little more thickness so I cut a thin wedge of additional foam for the back and tried that. Ah, better.

As a side note, the KH Fusion foam fits fairly nicely on a plastic Miyata seat base or the CF miyata style seat base. The Miyata and KH seat bases are pretty much the same size and mostly the same general shape. The Miyata base looks to be just a little bit flatter than the KH plastic base. It would be easy to fit KH foam on a Miyata CF seat base and the fit would be good. I’m going to try the KH Fusion foam (possibly slightly cut down) on my Coker saddle (Miyata style CF base) and see how that goes.

Makes for a nice seat and the KH Fusion cover works great for it. Adjust for your liking.

Yep, John, sorry about the confusion. Here is the link to your original description of the cf seat base/ fusion combo, for anyone who didn’t see it.

The best stock seat for trials out of all that I’ve ridden (KH, DX, Qu-ax, Miyata) is the Qu-ax seat. Its basically the same as a KH, but it has less foam and its stiffer and easier to grip SIF etc. And the foam is harder. It wouldnt be good for long muni rides though.