trials rims

What trials rim is better the Alex 19" w/ eyelets or K.H. new 19" because the arrow 19" is not availible any more ( thats what I think I wanted ) Right now I’m using the stock 20" rim on my Qu-ax and its starting to role on me with about 15 to 18 psi. any help would be great. How is the K.H. rim??? Does anyone know?

from what Darren told me yesterday he personally prefers the alex rim over the kh for trials. And even though I’ve busted the alex five times he says that there shoudln’t be a problem with it if your spokes are tight and you’ve got enough air pressure.

besides, if you order the kh you’ll have to order a new spoke-set maybe.



19’’ arrow rim for sale, new… 55 + shipping…PM

Does that have 48 spokes if so I don’t think you have a lot of options. I just built a trials uni with a 48 spoke Torker DX and I got the rim from for $30 its not in the catalog but it is a Yuni and someone said they think it might be the same as a Kris Holm. Here’s a pic.

trials wheel.jpg

Well actually its quite possible to lace a 48 hole hub to a 36 hole rim. Just miss out every fourth hole on each hub flange.This allows any 36H rim to be used.

I think you have to get diferent length spokes for that though Tony, I looked into that a while back, and I got hte measurements for it and it was sucha hassle I just got a qu-ax 48 spoke 19 in rim…

Yea I heard that useing a 36 hole rim and a 48 spoke hub is tricky but if you use a 32 hole rim then all the spokes are the same length and you skip every third hole between the first cross. I was thinking about doing this but I wasn’t sure how to go about calculating the spoke length.