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I was wondering what the difference between two different trials rims is? For example, the Monty trials rim, compared to a DX32,

Couldn’t tell you but I know my DX32 is doing great. I’m up to 4’ drops and growing.


the monty rim is alright, but for the cost I’d go with a dx 32. Iv found it to be stronger, about the same weight, and lasts longer. The problem the monty has is the spoke holes are for 13 gauge spokes, which arent normally availible. So after a few years or so the spokes start to pull through the rim. The big thing I dont like aobut the dx32 though, is the tire changes are horrendeous. On a monty rim, tire changes are a breeze.

dx 32 vs. Monty

I’ll take a stab at answering this one, though I’m not the last word by any means.

The DX 32 and the Monty trials rims are both designed for the 19" x 2.5" trials tires, and will most likely give excellent service.

They are each 1.75" (39mm) in width and are double-walled, but the DX 32 has a square profile (box section) and the Monty has a rounded profile.

Both are very popular for trials. Some of the forum members have noticed hairline cracks developing on their Monty rims after hard use, though, so I’ve gone with the DX 32 for mine.

Ain’t it the truth? I had to chage my inner tube the other day and my tyre levers kept bending so I took it to the bike section in my local Halfords where the guy tried to use nylon tyre levers that bent then steel ones that scratched my rim, then a spanner handle (?!) then a 10" screwdriver which is when I pulled my wheel away from him and told him to forget about it.

Then I took it to my LBS where their levers bent and I left it over night. Apparently the owner came in and took the rim tape off (they said it made a difference) and he pulled it off with his hands! He’s a former MTBer and now a bike mechanic for some team so has strong wrists according to his father who works in the shop.

What about the Onza rims? I think they’remade by Alex aren’t they? So are they just renamed DX32s?

But wouldn’t that make it less likely to fold over completely or am I thinking of something else?

I have a monty rim, and up until 4 weeks ago it’s been fairly good. My brother’s and my unicycles are identicle except for the rims (he has a DX 32). We’ve both bin riding for about the same amount of time on them, and he tends to do bigger drops, but we are fairly even in how far we push the limits. Lately, I’ve been getting punctures on the inside of the tube of my unicycle, and I haven’t been able to work out why. I’ve replaced the tire, the rim tape (extra thick) and the tube about 4-5 times, and it still hasn’t solved the problem. One hours riding and that’s all i get before i get another puncture. I was wondering whether people might think that the spokes are the problems??? Because nobody else has a clue about what the problem is. I’ve been to the local bike shop and contacted the dealer (who was very kind in sending another tube (extra strength) and if that doesn’t work then send the wheel to be checked by him), but I was just wondering whether I should should just cut my losses and buy a DX 32???

yeah thas what my rim, is the only difference is that is has a silver braking surface and a small onza sticker, not the big DX32 one. plus mine has drilled out holes to fit 12g spokes.

How about the Arrow Racing Trials rims, does anyone have experience with these.

Yes. The Monty rim is a waste of money. It’s weak in the spoke hole area and doesn’t fit the Monty (!) tire well.

As far as repeated flats go, you may be experiencing pinch flats. Add a few psi or more to your average tire pressure and see if that helps.

to recap,

monty rims fail at the spoke hole if they get used a lot.

alex rims are as good as any human heee needs,

onza rims are alex rims.

and arrow rims look like there built like a tank but nobody realy uses them, there probably stronger than the alex but who knows?

ive also heard that alex rims will fail like montys do if you drilll out the spoke holes.
and that not all alex rims are created equal, e.g. some have eyelet and some doint, while some have welded seams and some are just pinned.

my current alex is however the very worst permutation of this, no eyelets and pinned, and its never faltered unlike my old monty which died


I would go with the alex, but ive never used a monty… As for it being hard to take the tires off the alex rims dont worry about it, it will get easier, much of the trouble will come from wh at tire you use as well. Ive worked in a bike store for a while now and i used to never be able to change the tire on my trials but now i can do it with my hands so it will get easier with a little practice.

Re: Trials Rims

“Robbie” <> writes:

> the tire changes [on a DX32] are horrendeous.*
> But wouldn’t that make it less likely to fold over completely or am I
> thinking of something else?

Not necessarily. Rims that drop further in the center, where the rim
strip goes, allow you to push the tire into the trough for easy
removal without sacrificing stiffness at the bead when inflated.


What about hubs to, I want to get a suzue hub, and later when I break it I will spring for a profile. The thing is when i break the hub, I still want to be able to use the rim and spokes on the profile.

Re: Trials Rims

“concretewave” <> writes:

> What about hubs to, I want to get a suzue hub, and later when I break it
> I will spring for a profile. The thing is when i break the hub, I still
> want to be able to use the rim and spokes on the profile.

According to the spoke calculator, those hubs (suzue
and profile) are close enough that you can use the same size spokes.
The fit is particularly good for a 4-cross pattern (where your size
should be 186mm, but please double check and consider the nipple
length before ordering spokes).

I wonder whether saving the spokes is a good idea. The potential
problem I see is that spokes bend to fit a hub tightly. When done
intentionally by wheelbuilders, the procedd is referred to as “stress
releiving”. Moving the spokes to a second hub means they will bend
again, differently. You’ll sacrifice some strength because of
repeated bending and because you you probably can’t completely unbend
the spokes, allowing them to flex. Of course, in the worst case you
just start breaking spokes and have to rebuilt the wheel, which isn’t
the end of the world.


I would have a shop exchange the hubs, and if thats the case I could have them use new spokes to.

i reckon using a suzue will be plenty fine as long as you dont go over 5’ drops, i used to run on my trials and it worked great the only downside is cranks bend reaklly quickly, my mate ryan has been riding my knackered DM ringmaster with suzue for the last 3 months, and hes done some 5 ’ drops on it and the unis holding up pretty good. splined is a nice comfort factor but i reckon a suzue is fine