trials rims, saddles, T7 handle

Riight, i have quite a lot of spare parts. And i’ve decided to sell them as i need to buy a replacement frame for my street uni.

i have for sale:

Kris Holm 2007 19" trials rim + rim tape £15
Nimbus 19" trials rim £10
Nimbus gel saddle £10
Original Kris Holm Saddle (muni style) £10
Blood red T7 handle. (rails bent but still functions perfectly) £20

I also have a maxxis CC thats showing its threads but ill throw it in for a couple of quid if you buy a rim.

The T7 also has some red hand grips. I will post pics of your interested on anything.


Whats the condition (and colour) of the gel saddle like? If it’s in good shape and you’re still going to BMW this weekend I might be interested.


its black, and in strucurally great shape. but the cover came un-stapled so there are a couple of rings of eletrical tape around it. looks fine though.

i’ll bring it to BMW, and you can buy it there if you want :slight_smile:

Ok, yeah, it sounds like the kind of thing I would want to see before committing to buying it, so I’ll wait until the weekend.