trials rim questions

if i was to build a trails wheel do you think its better to go with the Monty or the Alex rim?

can someone thats seen both give there opinion?

the wierdest thing i noticed is that there is a 10mm differance in spoke lenth when built on a Profile can that be?10mm is a big differance for two rims that are supposed to fit the same tire size.

The Alex rim is very thin top to bottom, making it: A. harder to get the tire on, and B. a longer spoke size.

The Monty rim is designed more like an avro eliminator, or more of an arrow shape, making the spokes shorter and more room for the tire to be inserted. the alex rim is a box design that is shorter than it is wide.

I would recommend the alex rim because the spoke holes are the right size, where on the monty rim the spoke holes are a little on the big side.
Also the DX32 just looks better than the monty. :smiley:

just opinions,

Max Dingemans

thanx Max,you told me just what i needed to know!

soon i will be taking a 900 dollar plunge into the "trails end " of the unicycle story.

hey jagur,

the third possibility is the 20" trial rim from Onza:


god bless

Alex rims are made to last!