Trials rim for an 180 lb rider.

I’m looking at builing up a trials uni from parts, the main indesicion being the rim. I don’t trust drilled, but I’d like to maybe go wider than the dx32 in my MUni.

Undrilled tryalls seem pretty much unavailable, so I’m wondering if anybody has had any experience with the nimbus rim. Please only answer if you weigh at least 150 lbs. I weigh 185 and I tend to be pretty hard on my equipment.

i’m a touch heavier than you and my dx32 has held up great on my trials. a bit wider would help with side hop folding but with proper air pressure it has stayed true. a good wheel build is just as important (if not moreso) than the pieces involved.

I weighed 200 during the summer, and now im at 185, which is my normal weight. I went to 200 just so I could step on the scale and see 200. lol

Anyways, I dont like the KH drilled rim, as weekly now I have to tension the spokes and retrue it. Actually, I did that two days ago after a ride, and now I have to do it again because I was riding for 6 hours today. It holds up, but its just annoying to put so much effort to keep it from bending.

Im thinking of trying the Nimbus rim, as I heard it was just a 06 KH pretty much, but just a different name. Ive also looked at the Koxx street rim. Im sure either one would be a fine rim.

If you really want a good rim setup, the Qu-Ax is the best. wide, and 48 spokes. People say its overkill, but when it goes through the same stuff I do on my KH, and hasnt needed to be trued or tensioned in over a year, then its well worth it to me.

HAY MOBE!!! Well for your weight just simply do not get a drilled rom from anycompany, KH and K1 drilled rims have done me wrong in the past. I would go for an undrilled tryall rim, I am sure you can get one your way, but shippping wont always be pretty, the nimbus is an ok rim, I would try and go for an alex, I have had great experiences with them!

Yeah I love my Alex, it’s practically unbreakable even after 4 years of abuse, but I’ve heard that the wider rim really makes a difference in the ride. Any thoughts there?

Im one of the odd ones for this.

Ive riden the Alex DX32 rim for a long time, and really never had much of a problem with tire folding over and it being unstable from landings and takeoffs. There were a few times, but there are a few times where it happens on my KH too.

So thats my expeirence with skinny and wide rims. The wider rims feel a bit better, but I never really noticed a difference in my riding.

Hate to do it but… +1 :smiley:

Allright guys, thanks for the input. I’ve always noticed that folding a tire over is more due to pressure anyways, and I tend to ride a fairly high pressure to prevent this. I think I’ll go with the DX 32, it’s always treated me well, and it’s a lot more available than the other rims it seems.

it’s a pretty common rim (relatively speaking), if you go through your lbs, make sure they know it’s a 19 trials, not a 20 bmx rim. i ran into that a while ago when i built my trials.

Why not get a undrilled tryall from


My experience is that no bike shops I can find carry 19" so I’m not buying it through them anyways.

Thanks miles, I wasn’t able to find a canadian distibutor for tryall yet. I’ve sent them an email for more info.

Hey Matt. Did you already have a hub yet, or have one planned out?

I’m planning to go for the Orange profile hub on UDC.

I like profiles because my current set has stood up to 4 years of abuse with almost no problems.

Compared to Danni’s 06 KH hub that I twisted in about an hour, that’s a pretty good track record.

I am still open to suggestions though.


Profiles are always a good option.

For you though, I’d look into a 48 spoke quax wheelset. Never heard of anyone breaking them (and a lot of people ride them in europe). Rim is 46mm wide. This is one beastly wheelset.

I used to rock one of those back in the day(48 spoke qu-ax), I did 8+ drops on them all the time, back then I weighed 170 lbs. When I had that I was far more worried about the cranks and pedals bending way before the rim…I once broke 6 spokes on a drop, but the rim was actually fixable…

Unicycles hate me.

Ha ha would you believe the irony… I just broke a profile crank. About half an hour after I got my repaired seatpost into action.

Plus I can’t get a scott wallis base for an unspecified amount of time.

Maybe I should just repair my MUni and drop the rest on a kite board set up.


Wow. That’s got to be like a record, or something…

Out of curiosity, where did it break at?

It broke where the crank itself is welded onto the splined part. Not sure on the exact nomenclature here. It sucks, but I’m not entirely dissappointed, it took me over 4 years to break these. Has anyone had any experience with Profile’s warranty?

Ive heard good and bad about the Warranty. Id just call or e-mail them about it and see whats up.

Yeah I checked their site and they say they need documentation of when and who bought it, etc… I bought the sucker from bedford, so I pretty much got nothing.