Trials Riding Video

Hey Guys! Check out my new video that I put up. i should have a couple videos up in the future so I hope you enjoy this video! I also to Mtn. Unicycling so let me know if you wanna see other videos in the future.

Great riding!

I’m working on another video right now so I should have it up soon.

Nice job ! I love watching trials videos. I used to do some motorcycle trials and wanted to try bike trials but the bikes were too expensive, for something that may be a passing thing for me. So instead of a trails bike I bought a unicycle and I’m learning that. I plan is to be able to muni ride and if that goes ok I’ll buy a trials uni too. Hopefully I can get to at least half the skill you have. Look forward to seeing another video.

Good luck! It is a blast. The harder things you try the better you will get!