Trials riding shorts recommendations anyone?

Hi all,

I’m getting sick of riding my trials uni with regular shorts. They don’t seem to really fit the contour of the seat–and those of you with actual riding shorts know this, I’m sure of it:)

Anyway…What are some recommendations out there for this year in trials?

Can I ditch my boxers and briefs? Don’t some DH/freeride/baggy shorts come with lyra on the inside?

What are the prices and places of shorts out there?

Any help you can provide me will be really useful. I want to save money, yet keep comfort, and durability at a high. Thanks,

I just wear bike shorts… the tight kind. I found a nice pair for $40 with gel padding :slight_smile:

I usually wear a pair of mesh shorts or jeans overtop… not only because you look stupid in bike shorts, but if you fall, there goes $40.


what about baggy DH/Freeride shorts? Could I wear those over the top?

I don’t think I could wear jeans in this heat…ugh.

just wear cycling shorts underneath your normal khaki (or whatever) shorts…that’s what I do, and it works fine.

Fox Racing makes some nice freeride shorts, and as a bonus, they have removable hip pads (i’d keep’em in)!!!

I’ve found a good pair of cycling shorts to work best for most types of riding. They may not be “fashionable” in the sense that younger riders may be looking to sport but I’m more interested in comfort.

If I’m simply bombing around the neighborhood with my sons I don’t care what I’m wearing but if I’m planning a more serious ride where I plan to be in the saddle for several hours I’ve found the cycling shorts with no underwear (i’m not trying to be kinky here) combined with the use of a chamois lube works best. This is the prescribed method for serious cyclists and I’ve found it to work best when riding my uni.

A word of caution: some brands of chamois lube contain an ingredient that is mentholated. I used this once on a 36 mile ride and my nuts were literally roasting.

I only wear baggie pants (long ones, yes, I never ride in shorts) from Billabong or normal jeans when riding. Baggies, however, are the best because they are loose enough to allow movement (and protective gear) and airflow, just the same as shorts. Any brand would do, just make sure that the fabric is not too thin/thick and I prefer them grey because dirt do not show that easily.

As regards underwear with your baggies, use padded bicycle shorts, boxers or whatever you prefer. Myself, I use tight boxers.