trials riders

any trials riders under 15 post about your progress and how old you are

You see what i mean, this is why i didnt want to turn 16…this is tha crap im talkin about!

Um, I just turned 15, and I do trials, but does it have to be UNDER 15?..Lemme see, I just landed static hop 5 foot 7 inches gap between two pallets of equal hight…

I can pedal grab to rubber now, and recently( last couple weeks) can pedalgrab over a rail.

My height hops suck, though. I can do a little better rolling hop than sif sidehop.

I’ve been practicing rail riding ( down lower, not all up high).

So, yeah…

Im going to be 15 next month. I can only side hop about 21" but thats si. I can do pedal grabs to rubber easily. I can mount and ride on a 1.5" skinny. My biggest side hop gap is a little more than 5 feet (I know that because I am 5’ tall and I layed between the palates i was jumping from:D ) I guess thats it, oh ya I can pretty easily gap beween things like sandwich boards and the metal bike rack things. Thats all my trials stuff but I do most of the styles of unicycling.

im 15
i can gap almost 5 1/5 ft and pedal grab to ruber almost every time. i highest hop was 25in and my higest drop was 5 1/2 ft. i can also almost ride rals and i learnig to 1ft ww

Who cares, do it anyway, we dont mind.

Im 15
After 2month of trial riding(only one with a trial unicycle)I can jump about 40cm high and do some skinny rail riding(not high from the ground).
Its all I can say about my trial riding because I suck

Im 13, I can gap a lil more than 6ft. My hop is 25" Sif, Rolling is about 19"~, I can ride skinnys, Can pedal/Crank grab, never learned to go to rubber. One thing i take pride in is being able to crank grab either side. Extra Info: I ride a Yuni/Profile trials, I keep my tire at 35psi.

I don’t realy know what I can do because I don’t have a trials uni yet (I am in the process of converting a Torker DX) so I just us my heavy 24 inch CX. I can jump about 8-10 inches in the air, rolling hop over manholes, I havent tried to crank oor pedal grab, and I can ride down some stairs. I also went of drops 1-1 1/2 feet high and found it easy. I didn’t go any higher for fear of puting my uni out of comision. I am 15.

ok…my gap sux but i can hop over 30in, the landings arent always perfect…i was tryin to gap today but hte pallets kept moving! I can pedal grab and crank grab no worrys…