Trials riders + Plastic pedals... (Twisted PCs for example?)

Have a look on chain reaction they may well have them and they give free next day delivery, there realy good.

Yeah, CRC is good, but I knew they didn’t stock JC pins because they aren’t Odyssey dealers.

The thing is that not many pedals take the pin design that Odysseys take. Only a small handful of other BMX-specific brand pedals e.g. Animal Hamilton, take those kinds of pins. Most pedals just take crappy grub screws which get smashed so damn easily.

But yeah, I’m finding it damn hard to find an online UK store that sells these JC pins seperately. Danscomp in the US has them… as usual USA has everything in the world available to them… at a damn good price too :o. Hmm…

That’s nothing that a drill and a tap can’t fix.

I haven’t measured 'em, but those pins look a lot like ordinary machine screws. Have you checked your local hardware store?

I did try that and came up with nothing. The threads are ridiculously close to working, but nope they didn’t. Maybe sponge will have better luck, it is worth a try.

I’ve heard hex screws, like those on the MG1’s rip out easilly on pedal grabs, then sometimes can’t be replaced. Also that particular pedal, I’ve heard isn’t that durable and will slide off the spindle.

The tracksion on all of my pedals was not sufficient. For my JC’s I just got some longer allen screws at the local hardware store.

I have pretty much decided that I am going to buy odyssey twisted pc pedals. I will order them tonight Il tell you how the ride.

get syncros pins for your JCs, there about 1/4 inch long and grip extremely well, but don’t use them on your pedal grab side cause they’ll tear the hell out of anything you land on as their made of tempered steel.

Why not get some Trail Mix.

Finding the right bearing for your pedal

It will have 6 mm ID, maybe 7mm. If you measure the ID, on the left side of the page you can select 6 mm ID (pedal axle size ). This will show you what 6mm bearing sizes they sell. If you know the OD, there is likely only one width in this size. Likely, you can get 10 pedals bearings of the correct size easily here for about 20 $.

On the subject of twisted pc’s , I’m a fan of plastic pedals, and wanted to buy some of these, but A E Bike was out last time I was shopping… So I have never tried them. Now they come in clear !

Hmm, maybe I was wrong

Likely, these are the bearings you need. 20 for 20 $. Half $ of what I expected.:slight_smile:

No need to wait till they break now, just swap them out. A tip, put the new bearing in the freezer, and warm the pedal body. It will go in easy, then tighten as the metals expansions with temp comes in line.

There is now limited edition colors of the twisted PCs. Neon red, orange, and purple.

spencer’s going to buy out all the orange.

Naw I think he will go with purple.

I got a pair of clear from danscomp.

I Like using my twisted PCs for trials. I just only pedal grab one side of them. They feel lighter than my other metal pedals. They offer a adequate amount of grip for the stuff im doing.

The first pair of easterns went along way for me. i grind alot, and they are great. also amazing for pedal grabs.

the second pair exploded.

my easterns bent easily, torker plastics lasteds longer.

Well now we are finally starting to agree that the eastern plastics are junk.

hahaha ya… im thinking about the haro blocks, but i cant find them in canada

I think I will get a pair of each;)