Trials ride tommorow?

I was wondering, if anyone wanted to go on a trials ride with me tommorow at NAUCC.

I will arrive at about 12:00, and was wondering, if (after registering) anyone wanted to go and ride? My friends (driving) will be arriving later (6:00) and i will have no one to ride with untill then. Since i d’ont know the area, it would probably be good if someone joined us with some knowledge of what there is to do around there (Max?)

Anyone interested, reply to this thread, and maybe something can be worked out.



well someone might want to, but not I.

Don’t worry, there should be plenty of other people to ride with once you get to the proper place on campus. Don’t just ride with people you know; there’s tons of people to meet and learn from at a big convention!

Note to all Trials riders:
Be nice to the campus and other facilities TCUC is renting to host NAUCC. We may want to have conventions there in the future, and we must be careful not to leave our “marks” in the wrong places. :slight_smile: