Trials questions

So a few days ago I got a KH20, and I had some questions about trials.

  1. I have a 32" inseam, the post is 350mm (I think) and I have it all the way down, it’s about 3 inches below my crotch, does it need to be lower?
  2. What’s a good psi for the tire to be at?
  3. I’ve tried doing unispins (and failed :(), so I’m not sure if the seat is too high, also how long does it take to learn how to do them?
  4. Is SIF seat in front and SI seat in?
  5. When doing jumps do you put your feet on the crank arms, or just keep them on the pedals?
  6. Can I use my KH20 for trail riding?


  1. are you hopping sif or si? go by feel. some people like the seat high and some like it low.
  2. depends on your weight. play around with it till you get it where it feels good for you. try starting at 15-20 psi and go from there.
  3. it takes a while for most people
  4. yes
  5. pedals
  6. yes. many people use trials for muni
  1. Do what’s best for you. A lot of people prefer riding with a higher post for trials. Try out different heights and see what’s best for you
  2. Again, your preference.
  3. Not exactly trials but…It’ll take people different times to learn them. Seat post length is another personal preference. Freestyle riders (where unispins originated) ride with a higher post. Plenty of people do it with low posts.
  4. Yes.
  5. Pedals.
  6. Yes, you can, but it’d be better for non technical trails to ride a 29/36 because riding a 20" is slow. For very technical riding, 20/24 is the best. For in between, a 24/26. I’m not that smart in muni, this is just based of things I’ve heard.

I weigh around 135lbs and i have my tire around 20-25 psi, cause it feels good. i guess it just depends on how you like it like everyone else says, but that might give you some sort of idea. Congrats on the KH:D! Im sure you will enjoy it!

Prefrence, prefrence, depends, yes, pedals, yes.