Trials Question---Please Comment

Hey everyone,

Before you read, please take the time to comment, I really need to hear this from a broad audience.

My problem is… If you’ve seen my lastest video, then you see at the end I do a 4 pallet static hop. The problem is, I can do it, but it takes a long time. The other thing that annoys me is that one day I might be cranking them out, but the next, I can only do it once, if not at all. My other problem is, my leg has been hurting me for about a month now, my dad is a doctor and says that I should probably stop unicycling for the time being. :slight_smile: yeah right!:slight_smile: The thing that hurts the most about the leg though is that I can’t unicycle for long before it flares up. When my leg flares up, I need to take about a 5 minute break, but by the time I get back, I have to warm up another 30 minutes. I’ve also taken a two weeks off unicycling and it still hurts Also, one day I’ll have great timing, the next day, I’ll have no timing.

My questions are…

  1. How come it takes me so long to warm up each day?
  2. How come I can do it great one day, horrible the next?
  3. What do you guys do about sore ligaments, and if they affect your warm up, what do you do?
  4. How come timing is great one day, bad the next?
  5. How come it takes me so long to warm up each day?

Please comment


could you explain what you mean by warm up???

sry this is a stupid question

When you say practice, do you mean get consistent at 3.25 pallets, then 3.5 pallets, then 3.75, then 4?

When I say warm up, I mean going out and starting small, then going big, also I mean stretching

Actually, no it’s not.

In my comment I include warming up both as physically getting the blood moving and also warming up to certain skills.

This works in running too, you might warm up with, say…jumprope, but then you wouldn’t have time to get into rythem.

1)Nah, that’s what I would do for warmups.

Just keep pushing yourself, it sounds like you’re doing well

2)That’s a full warmup for highjumps and half a warmup for stamina:p–whoops I mean cardio

could you explain??

Also, when going from 3 to 3.25 to 3.5… how many times should I land each one before progressing to the next?

however many you feel comfortable with;)

Sounds like you need to learn how to stretch before and after. I know my calf muscles hurt like hell after a hard session if you don’t stretch. Check out yoga sites and get into the routine of doing so. It will gradually increase your flexibility and work out any hurting spots. Don’t over exert yourself too, sounds like you are pushing yourself too hard.


i jump different heights (5 inches or so difference) depending on the mood i’m in.
if i’m super pumped i’ll jump much higher.
soon as i get frustrated i lose a few inches.
if i’m pissed/upset … i can’t do much, but riding and doing easy stuff makes me happier

until you can do it perfectly and land your tire knobs in the exact spot from the jump before.

What exactly hurts on your leg, what does it feel like?

I like to do things in 5’s.

I do my skill 5 X’s and then make it harder or try harder skill. If it’s too scary of a step for me I keep practicing the easier one until I can do it 5 X’s consecutively, then go harder.

Eg, if I were trying to reduce my prehops, I could try hopping up a set of say, 6 stairs w/ 10 or less hops each, then 5, 3, 2, 1.

If it’s a time, distance, or consistency thing w/ the skill, I double it before going harder (sometimes several times).

I always start with a little bit of riding to get my legs warmed up, once I feel good, I’ll start with wheel height hops, just 1 or 2, if I get them like I want, then i’ll move to bigger, if not i’ll do it till I feel happy with them. But after about 10 good 50cm+ sidehops i’m usually fully warmed up.

If you a hand on my foot and another on my knee, and bring them together, thats where. So halfway from the foot to the knee.
Edit: right leg