Trials: Qu-ax or Kris Holm?

Which trials cycle is better, Qu-Ax or Kris Holm? The KH is more expensive, is there any real benfit? Will the Qu-Ax break easier? and how can it be broken. Both cycles are splined, but the Qu-Ax is a lot less expensive, but why?


KH is a lot higher quality. not that the qu-ax is terrible, just that the KH is a stronger/light uni. for most people the qu-ax should hold up fine.

When you say for most people, what would break a Qu-ax that wouldn’t break a KH?


9 foot drops?

I think a 9 foot drop would break either one if not landed correctly.

Yah i was just messing with em.

Then again if you did do the right technique both of them might survive. Who knows?

Just last Thursday I decided to purchase the Qu-ax from It hasn’t come yet so I can’t really say much, but I feel I made the best decision for me. For the price, I’ve heard it’s great. I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

Have you checked out “” yet?

from what I’ve read qu-ax is a good uni but I think more people shy away from it because of it’s weight and I don’t doubt someone could land a 9 foot drop on either one the qu-ax is a 48 spoke wheel so it should be pretty strong.

Is there a weakness besides weight? And what effect will the weight have?


well it’s hard to lift something that’s heavy that’s about it I guess haha.

Well…it’ll make you stronger than. I doubt it’s heavier than my generic uni.

anybody know how much heavier it is? I cant find the qu-ax weigh on UDC


I personally dont think a little weight matters that much, unless your going for perfection.

Or supreme happiness…

I don’t know about the Qu-ax but just on the weight issue: I have the new KH20, and before that I rode a UNIQO which was much heaver, I used iron pipe for a seat post plus it had an extra attachment for the front wheel. Anyway, the lighter unicycle made a difference for anything that requires lifting the unicycle without using the air pressure to spring it up with you: Seat out jumping where you pull the unicycle up after you jump etc, I found the less weight really let me ride longer without getting so tired. Besides for that, the only other time you might notice the weight is when you are carrying the unicycle, a few extra pounds make a real difference when you are hiking.

On the other hand I’ve read somewhere on this forum that “go on a diet and lose the pounds: then ride a heaver unicycle” or something like that.

Maybe some one with a Summit unicycle could help you as well. It’s frame is around a pound heaver then the 04 KH. You could also try searching old threads about the Summit, people gave some more info on weight considerations since “the 04 KH and the Summit where almost identical except the frame?”

I’d say don’t debate the weight so much and choose by buying the unicycle that is a color you like or something else important!:smiley:

You’ll should be happy with either you decide to buy!:slight_smile: You might still be lugging around a spare wheel, a chain and alot of frame if you hadn’t gotten into unicycling!

I have a Summit and I’ve tried out an 04 KH trials. There is a minor difference in weight from the frame, but I can’t say I felt I could hop much higher. Most people say to buy the Summit over the KH, “the Summit weighs a tad bit more, but is it really worth the $150 more for the 04 KH? I say get the Summit” In this case, however, you are deciding between an 05 KH, and a Qu-Ax.

Well to tell you the truth, ive never heard about or looked into a summit. Are they better than a Qu-Ax? It seems like a KH is the god of Trials right now, but only because of weight differences. If I can do 6 foot drops and hop 2 feet, i think thats awesome, and anything more than that is insane. I can barely see myself doing a 6 foot besides to showoff. Will the summit work as well as a qu-ax?


Yeah it might work even better. There are some movies lurking around in the gallery of people riding summits and doing some crazy stuff. Kevin McMullin (Tugboat) has a couple vids of him riding one.

Heres a vid of him.
He is crazy.

the summit is no longer being made… its the prototype for the KH uni…


i have tried both the qu-ax, kh, and summit uni’s and there all pretty simular.

the kh seems to be the most popular but the qu-ax also seems quite gd. the summit is apparently unavailable to purchase in the uk.

i have ordered my qu-ax on friday and it should be here by monday or tuesday.

hope you make the right desicion if buying.