Trials Progress

Hey everyone,

I’ve been riding for 3 months now, and finally got around to making another video. Criticism is greatly appreciated! I purposely have not started using pre-hops yet because I want to get more height static first. My current PR to rubber is about 28", and to pedal is 40". My tucks don’t feel very natural (when I tuck at all that is), and I’m prone to rushing my jump, so I’m currently working on that quite a bit.

Wow :astonished: That was really impressive! especially since you’ve only been riding for three months, if i were doing trials it would have taken my much longer time getting that good i think :o

Only three months? I’m overcome with jealousy and admiration. Keep it up, my friend!

Wow if I rode trials I would probably hate you for progressing so fast… but I don’t so good job man, that was awesome!!!

the riding was very good !!! :slight_smile:
keep it up, and you will be in no time a pro… :roll_eyes:

reaaaaaally good for 3 months ! keep up the good work! looking forward seeing more of u

I feel… SO… Bad… I cant do half of that … haha… Amazong riding. Keep it up for sure.

I hate you… I’ve been riding 4(almost 5) years and you’ve been riding 3 months and not only are you older than me but you picked up trials like it was nothing… haha I’m just now getting to your level… Jerk :slight_smile: excellent video awesome riding! you’re right up there with some of the better riders in my book.

I really enjoyed that vid. Keep up the good work!

Extremely impressive. So, could you ride then starting doing trials for 3 months? Or was it the first time you’ve ever ridden?

Either way great progress. Get your tuck set on smaller stuff, and do baldwin squats. Those are when you go into sif, then tuck you ass to the tire, just like you would in a normal jump. These help a lot, if you can’t do them hold onto a wall and go through the motions just the same. Get your standstills dialed before you go gaping more and working on height. Your obviously strong enough to go big, I don’t think I could get 28in with no tuck, you need technique so work on that. Your amazing smooth for sucha new rider, I mean REDICULOUS. We can all be better though, so try to make every hop a progression in the trials line, work on getting all prehops out. It’s hard at first, and is going to take a lot of work, but you’ll see progress. You should not have any problems with any of this. Good luck.

PS. I noticed you toss your body forward over the wheel, try and keep it up straight.