trials problem

i have a problem. for some reason iv been riding for 2 years and i still can not grab the side of my seat and put it in front of me to jump!!! eny tips… :astonished:

step 1) put your seat higher than normal and learn to ride with your stomach on the seat (but not sitting on it).

step 2) get good at that, and start learning to ride holding the seat in front without your stomach on it. At first hold the seat against your legs to keep your balance easier, and as you get better, you can move the seat further forward until you’re comfortable holding way in front or right up against you’re legs.

step 3) get good at that, then start hopping with the seat in front if you can already do it normally.

thank you i will try that

to learn how to hop good SIF:
try stairs!!
first hop on the first one, than the 2nd,3th,…
in the beginning you can hop a lot of times betwine each stair, but try to use as less hops as you can.!!
if you can do al stairs with only 1hop/per stair, try do to it with 2,…

I hop sif (seat in front) all the time. I like never hop normally anymore.

You all give great advice. But I disagree. I never learned to ride sif but i hope fine with it like that.