Trials Practice

After watching KcTheAcy’s video the other day, I went out and did some practice.

I’ve been wanting to nail pedal grab for ages, so thought now is the time to go out and do it!

Yesterday was a great day. Finish work at lunch time, and spend the afternoon in sunshine doing trials, topless :slight_smile:

Today I went out and videoed some clips to share.

Random Trials Practice video (5.6Mb)

What have you been practicing?

also, can anyone give me tips on footplant? Ive been trying, but my wheel rotates, meaning I can land on the pedals, so Ive been doing a 90 unispin and landing on the tyre. Any tips?




Nice vid! Those are cool footplants. I might have to try em. Nice riding, make some more vids! And by the way, what kind of uni do you have?

I really enjoyed watching that video. Thank you.

Nice video. Your pedal grabs are fast as lightning, and that crank spin is pretty sweet, too.

I noticed that you do your pedal grabs with your back foot. Is that the way they are supposed to be done? Or is that just your particular technique?

Pedal grabs can be done a few different ways. It’s mostly just personal preference.

niiice, I’ve never seen pedalgrabs done quite that way before. generally they’re done more slowly, and with the seat out. but your way I think is better, for street riding at least, it’s more ‘flowy’ which seems to be what street riders go for. I liked that footplant too, that was very cool.

generally people pedalgrab with their front foot, it seems to be a lot easier. I do it with my backfoot, using the crankflip technique, though I’ve never been able to land a pedal grab the ‘normal’ way.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Those were some nice pedal grabs and the 90 unispin to pedals was sweeet. Ive never seen some of those moves,

Gooooood jub.

Yeah man, those fast pedal grabs are awesome. Well done.

I’m wearing a RBF shirt right now too.

Wow, great stuff Joe. You’ve gotten really good. Those pedal grabs are great to watch. Maybe I should finally learn to pedal grab.


Yeah me too.I can crank grab to rubber,but its not the same…

Nice footplants. As for the pedalgrabs, have you tried anything precise yet? It’s nice to learn pedalgrabs, just to be able to hit poles, etc so well. Today I got a small audience when people started wondering how in the hell I got into a stillstand on a pole about 20cm in dia and 1m high. Pedalgrabs open up so much.

it might just be me, but those pedal grabs look so fast and smooth that it’s basically a crank grab where he doesn’t hit the crank. i mean, he somehow manages to keep the cranks level and not let the uni drop from under him at all when pedal grabbing. very odd. but maybe i just can’t tell from the video. damn i gotta learn to pedal grab.

Cheers guys.

I jump to my right, with my right foot at the back. it is complete personal preferance. For instance, its hard for me to do that crank spin KcTheAcy does, as my pedal is already back. I can jump with my crank forward, but not very well.

Yeah, I thought it was about time I learnt to pedal grab. its been on my to-do list for so long. I used to be able to do it, but i didnt practice enough, and lost it! I’ve used the good old crank grab for ahges, but time has moved on :slight_smile:

This method is actually much easier, faster and sleeker. I saw Yoggi use it at the BUC trials comp, and thought I must learn it! :stuck_out_tongue:

By landing on your pedal, and jumping straight up, it means there is no time for the uni to go back down, which was causing me the problems last time I tried pedal grabing.

gerblefranklin, I havnt tried anything precise yet, only that wall. I could only just crank grab onto it, but now I can get up almost every time. I’ll have to practice pedal graping onto rails.

On the small wall/step, the pedal grab can be used while riding. This can look rather sweet. You dont need to prehop.

edit: Still need advice on footplant to pedals!