Trials Pictures

Just though i’d mention the pictures I put up on the site today. have a look and tell me what you think, Ay?

Hey cool pics. I wish I could jump that high, sigh.

Nice pads too but they seem kinda wasted with no helmet. A ding on your elbow brings blood; a ding on your head means no more unicycling.

Hoping for many more cool pics from you in Minnesota!

Great job Max! Joe in Iowa

Very nice, Max- inspirational. Echo what U-Turn said about the brain bucket- no need to jepordise such a promissing future…


Da’ Link

Max shows us how it’s done.


Fantastic shots, Max. Perhaps Maximum is more appropriate.

RE: Trials Pictures

> ‘Max shows us how it’s done.’
> (

Wow, great moves! But as someone pointed out before, without a helmet you
don’t look any smarter than the average skateboarder. Your limbs are well
protected, but your brain is the only body part that can’t heal. Urban
Trials is one of the most helmet-intensive types of riding, as it’s almost
all on stone, concrete, and other hard substances with lots of edges.

Use your head, before it’s too late… :slight_smile:


Don’t wear any pads at all. Soon we’re going to be putting up a unicycle inflicted injuries page, and with your great photographer I’m sure we could get some cool shots!