Trials Pics from a ride

One of my buddies owns a barn-type thing and let us take some obstacles to have some fun. It’s great riding indoors, and the day was beautiful. Me (Daniel), Raymond, my brother and a few bikers came.
Greet T-shirt = me
Brown = raymond

Raymond doing a sweet up! (TrialsUni123)

My first 6 pallet. I tried many times and falling hard on my ass until finally I freaking made it! 31"

A gap that I was too lazy too measure.

A freaking spool that was really wobbly and shaky - scary!
It was also 8ft high. I was scared I was going to hit my head on the roof.

Our overall setup that kept on changing to our needs.

It was a sweat run.

Here are some pics of my brother:

A wooden pogo stick…
Don’t ask

He has won all comps held in Alberta for four years straight now. It’s annoying to have to try and match his massive side hops (44").

So what do you think? Are the pics good?

The pics are awesome! needs more skinnies:D

I wish I had a barn with a trials course in side…if only…oh well

How long did it take to set it all up?

That gap also looked pretty big! :astonished:


It took around 20min to put everything up with 6 guys helping. The spools were the hard parts. There weren’t any skinnies worth taking a pic of.

The gap is 6ft+


oh man that looks like a sweet place to ride, I’ve had to shovel my yard just to do some trials:p

those were some massive hops. was the big gap a SI or SIF?


I am a half half trialser:)

That is one freaking huge barn…


a wooden pogo stick?

(sorry, i asked…)

Damn it! Yup it’s a wooden pogo stick. It’s hardwood and has don 5ft drops to cement. I built it when my uni was taken away from me by my parents.

It’s quite fun and challenging, though you look like a retard when you use it:D

umm, how does it… you know, like…


It doesn’t. It is like a pogo with any squish, though it has a cut tire that helps.

im gonna do that in my barn

Need some spools. They’re awesome!

never mind I just thought about it and my barns small, too low, and full of crap

Ok i think i understand you, awsome :slight_smile:

and sweet set-up. it was like something i would dream of (almost…)

Giving that uni of yours a beating?

The thing is getting beaten yes. It’s absolutely puuurfect! I wanna make a vid, but don’t have a camcorder.
Pics will have to do for now.

The setup is very nice. 4 huge spools and countless pallets.

That looks sweet. I agree though, you need more skinnies, theyre the best.

Good pics, wish I had a place like that!

We have a large old machine shop/car barn thing on our property. It’s not quite as large as your’s but it’s higher and the floor is CEMENT.

I’ve got a lot of wooden stuff built… I’ve been meaning to take pictures of it for years.