Trials Pics and Videos


Just thought I would post this because Mark came up to my house over the weekend, and we dod some good Trials.

The pics are here

an the videos are here (DivX is needed and the new videos start on page one from ‘mark crank grab1’)

Does anyone else have links to good pics?



Great videos!!

Super pic joe. Looks like you guys have a great time on your uni’s.

I really like the green frame. It is my opinion that all of us should custom paint our frames. Just wish I had a frame to paint… :smiley: --chirokid–

nice pics! i love the ones iwhere you’re on the backs of benches- sweet!


Thanks guys,

Yeah, we had a great time on our Unis.

Please you like the frame, I love it!! :smiley:

Iain, I sent you a few PMs, but I dont know if you got them. Please can you email me, or add me to your MSN. My address is magicman008 @



It looks great Joe,

I hope the wheel is standing up to all the abuse you can give it. Don’t forget to check the spokes are all staying tight, this is particularly important when re-using spokes.


Hmm interesting point…
Reused spokes have a disadvantage of being slightly more difficult to tension evenly due to non-pristine threads…
…BUT the have been “pre-stretched*” so should be less likely to loosen if well tensioned.

*the spokes will not stretch perceptibly along their length but the elbow bend in the spoke at the hub flange tends to distort towards the rim effectively making the spoke longer.

Leo White

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