trials pedals

I have the 07 KH trials, but the snafus on it are worn down, and are now peices of crap. I need a new pair of trials/street pedals-
any suggestions?

how about… primo? tenderizers, lots of people like those.

or jim c’s
I like primos better though. the pins aren’t replacable. but they grip well

i like the snafus, get more of those. or do a search, we go over this weekly.

odyseey jim c pedals, thats what iveheard from loadsa riders, cos theyre supposed to be well strong, and the pins are quite strong as well.

Yeah the JC pedals are really good if you beåt up pedals alot because they are really solid and the pins are fully replacable and come in two lengths so you can make it more grippy or slick for grinding.

I got some Wellgo 953s that look like they should work well.
On my stock trials bike I am using Syncros Mental chromoly pedals. I may try them on the uni.

Ilike the Kona Jackshits…But the Jim Cs are great too.

odyssey dk distortion pedals are awesome.

kona jacks, Jimmy Cs, and Snafus are all good though.