Trials pedals?

I don’t see the point in spending loads on trials pedals my self as they get pedal grabed ect but can anyone recommend some good ones for a round £15?(MUST BE IN THE UK)

Hmmm… sometimes it’s worth spending a little extra, but I agree, it’s pointless going nuts on trials pedals!

I used to have some Well Go (may even have been VP) things, they were quite chunky and the studs were just raised parts of the pedal. Just part of the mold I think. Around £12-15?

There’s also some DiamondBack ones from Halfords that have the pins built in, they’re not removable but I think are actual pins instead of being shaped out of the pedal. £12-15 also.

I personally would advise not buying cheap pedals where the pins screw in through the bottom for trials, as I have popped no end out from pedal grabbing.

If you have the extra £££ take a look at Primo Tenderizers.

I’ve bent (and I mean really bent) about three sets of semi-expensive pedals now. I’m really going to have to go for expensive ones with ChroMoly axles and sealed bearings. I’m thinking of the better, sealed versions of the Oddyessy Twisted Pro pedals.


I used to think there wasn’t much point in spending lots on pedals, too. That was until I tried some good pedals and changed my mind quickly - good pedals really do make a difference to yr riding.

I reckon Odysessy Jim Cielenki pedals are awesome for trials. They have a nice concave shape and their pins are super strong - they’re chunky allen bolt-ins and won’t get punched out like Snafus’ pins. In one ride I broke 4 pins off my Snafu from dong grinds. Haven’t lost a single pin on my Jim C’s yet.

Ere they are: . U should be able to get them from a bike shop in the UK.


The thing I love about Odyssey Twisted Pro’s is that they put their pins in from the other side so you can always easily remove them…it makes a lot more sense…see the picture. I finally found the nicer ChroMoly axle/spindle versions.


untitled.bmp (43.6 KB)

I have Oddysey twisted pedals too. They grip pretty well, actually I think too well for me when i’m trying to get my left foot positioned after mounting, but they’re nice cause they’re bigger than the ones that came with. Since this is a pedal thread, i’ll ask this. Anyone have any suggestions for a freestyle uni as far as pedals go? I’m thinking maybe the plastic version of Oddyseys would be good, cause they’re a good size, but I don’t really need metal for what I do, plus i’d like to save my shins a little. Thanks.

Andrew, not Andrew Carter.

I’ve been using Snafus mainly- for everything- my all time fav pedal- but I don’t really do pedal grabs.

Anyone tried Truvativ Holzefeller pedals? They look quite good- really thin and a broad platform.

I think that pedals are definitely something you could invest in. For Trials, MUni, and Street riding anyway…
I got some at my local bike store that looked like these:

About an hour later, I landed my first pedal grab. I couldn’t before, because my feet always slid off.
Unfortunately, I also sliced my shins open recently too. Now I just need some good armour…

Ill second the Primo Tenderizers as OWS said. They are pretty cheap ($23us)…hopefully the same on your side of the pond. I knocked the pins outa one side of a pedal and bolted a homemade grind plate on. They are everthing i want in a pedal and have held up exceptionaly.

Those Wellgo BMX pedals (with the molded pins) dont hold up well with pedal grabs and grinds. Ive broken two sets of them and just recently saw a friend brake one of his.

buena suerte

Yeah I also don’t have the money to spend on pedals to tbh.I totally see the point in good pedals for muni.Phil has some dmr’s the are soooooo nice.

i would have to say my favorite pedal so far for the price is snafu. i use them on my muni and have just switched from welgo 10 pin to snafu on my trials and i couldn’t believe how much more grip fewer pins gave. ive seen some other killer pedals but until i pop every pin outa these snafu pedals…ill stick with those

Mango, how in the world did you get them out? I can’t see how you’d do it! I have no real need to remove them, but I’d like to know how should the need arise!

I’d try and save up for some quality pedals tho, even if you have to ride on crap or busted ones for a little longer. Most pedals that are cheap are not designed for pedal grabs or grinding. Most aren’t designed for pedal grabs full stop, but some are so good they can just take the pasting and carry on. Some are designed with grinding in mind.

I have DMR V8s on my 29er which I love, especially the greaseport feature. I did have them on my muni, but swapped em for Azonic A-Frames which are awesome- awesome to the max! I don’t do any trials on my muni other than a bit of hopping so I was happy to spend a little extra on them.

I used a hammer and crappy chisel (crappy cause its probly not that good for the chisel). I had a friend hold the pedal against the ground so it was standing up on one of the narrow angled sides. I put the end of the chisel at the base of each pin and hit it (usually just one good hit) until it pooped out.

I wouldnt recommend this if you ever think youll be needing pins in that side of the pedal again. This rough removal left some of the holes where the pins were ovalized.

Does anyone know how these pins were really supposed to be removed? (they are NOT the kind that screw in)

Mango by the sound of it they are not ment to come out!I Would guess the way you did it is the only way but i am just you spent time doing it you would not mess up the pedal so badly or at all.I don’t know what the pedals are like i don’t really know much about pedals but it’s only what I would think hope it helps.
Primo Tenderizers any one got a picture and how much are they?I think my pedals have a bit of life in them not sure but i gotta get a frame for the muni and get 1 muni militia t-shirt done to see what they look like so thats about £30 out of my £50 a month but month after should have some to spend.
Anyone know a site that sells Primo Tenderizers on the cheap?
what about these two?

Tenderizers come with spare pins, so they are removeable. It’s just a case of do you wait til they’re knocked/ground out or try yourself. There doesn’t seem to be a way to take them out. Unless of course you chisel them out! :slight_smile: #

Oh Ben, unless you desperately need a muni frame asap, I may be getting a new one at some point, so I could sell you my Qu-Ax one?

the well go pedals i have are the ones wit the removeable pins and theyre quite grippy, i have some VP ones aswell but these are the type with the moulded studs and are pretty crap gripwise.
i currently run gusset pedals, theyre super grippy and have removeable pins, they were £17 i think when I got them maybe about £20 thesedays or you can get the gusset fullthrottle pedals with grindplates for £30. my mate ses them and thyre holding up alright i know north has those pedlas aswell.

Get these:D

I am going to pick me up a pair of the bottom ones when I get my ONZA.

burger.bmp (110 KB)

These are the ones I am getting:D

pedals1.bmp (169 KB)

Shinburgers arent that good for trials, they are too chunky and dont give you that much grip for their bite.