Trials parts

I am looking for a few things.

  1. shave able trials tires.
  2. 125 or 137 moments
  3. Kh frame

I have a KH longneck frame for sale right now. PM me your ZIP code and I’ll check for shipping. most of the time shipping is ridiculously expensive to the US though :frowning:

EDIT: I also have a partially shaved Luna, I just never finished my job :stuck_out_tongue:

I have some KH 137’s… Used, $50 shiped… But they are on sale form unicycle. com for $50

I might have a creepy crawler id sell, not sure if thats what you had in mind.

I am looking for tires to try out. I am still looking for a KH or long neck frame and now a wheel set possibly for the right price.

I got some moments and a tire.
still looking for :

  1. longneck KH frame
  2. strong ISIS wheel
  3. maybe a KH street seat