Trials Pains

When I try to do a SIF hop it doesn’t realy hurt, but when I try to do a huge SIF hop, it kills the front of my thighs with the back of the seat. How do I fix this problem?

I figuerd it out! I’m holding the seat too far forward.
Thanks for the help.(Idoits)

Just an observation; but an insult is usually better if you spell it correctly.

It wasnt even over half an hour! So please dont call us idiots, we could have helped if you had given us time. There was no reason to call us idiots any way, as no one said anything to offend you or annoy you.

And yes, insults work better when theyre spelled right and have a reason to be there, because otherwise you are the idiot. Please, if your going to be a regular visitor here lay off the insults, this is a family forum!

I thought that you guys would cater to my every need.:smiley: Sorry, I guess my leg pain made me ill-tempered.:o

we could have done better if you give us time to do so. duh