Trials or Street

Street’s awesome, it’s just lame and everyone who does should just quit right now. But yeah, I’d rather watch trials + I want to make love to zach baldwin.


Dude, everyone doing street should stop. Except me. Muhahaha. I think i’m switching to trials. We can all have someone else hit the dubs. MUHAHA. Trials, Street, everything is good. As long as the riders good, and if the rider is bad, then the rider better be trying, lol. then sall is good.

yaa, it’s like rather see vert skate or street skate.

SIMON why are you talking about skating, this is unicycling. lol. Kiddin. Street has alittle more speed to get and trials has alittle more accuracy. Street still has accuracy, and trials still has speed, just saying. Kinda a pointless post I put, haha. Also just wanted to see it go to the top again, i like this forum’s discussion.

street or trials?

that’s hard, and to further confuse you, I ride urban trials. Define that! Haha, j/k. It’s just trials in an urban setting. It’s fun to interpret myself and my style through various lines not normally found in natural settings, i.e. not usually involved in a trials course.

I’d like to watch a mixture of every kind of riding. it opens my eyes to new ideas.

And even if I don’t ride every discipline, I can at least appreciate and be amazed by it.

Street is fun to watch. Because, Urban Trials is kind of on the fringes. I do use some street techniques/tricks. Not enough to where street vids don’t impress me as much. It’s more the opposite way w/trials vids. Sometimes I’m like “Well I could do that, and with less correction hops.” So trials vids, are more about my focus, practice, and expanding my skills in trials, more than an entertainment or elation value.


haha, anyway like I think old school is more fun to watch then new school like watch skate vids from the early 90’s and watch uni vids from the early 2003 with kevin mcmullin hah and dan doerksen. Apropox dan doerksen, why has he quit ?

Actually disagree with you simon. lol. Uni is too young to have an old school new school yet. In my mind. No such thing as old school street, it’s all the same right now. BUt I agree with evan but switch it to street. Watching street is more for my focus and bettering myself, while trials is all for entertainment.
-Shaun Johanneson

yeah, you probly right. But you haft to admit that dan doerksen, dan heaton and kevin mcmullin is the ‘original’ street riders, and then you can see them in a different point of view as old school riders. You, brian and xavier are the ‘new school’ or new street riders sort of.

that’s my opinion, peace be on to you.

I guess i see where you’re coming from now. lol, I also liked me being in there, lol. But yeah. That’s cool.

what do you mean with that? yaa haha