Trials or Street

Which would you rather watch and why?


Trials. Mostly because I’m trials and I like seeing sick people do sick tricks?

could anyone give the general differences between the two? my vague understanding is that in trials, you uni through ‘obstacle course’ type stuff, while in street riding, you well… ride on the streets and whatever obstacles are available out there?

i’m a noob, so please enlighten me

If you have to ask you will never know, I, and everyone else was once vvery confused about the diffrence between the two, but once you whatch some videos you begin to learn there is a elequent diffrence between the two. Our mighty lord Kris Holm once said.

“The diffrence between street and trials is, in trials, you have have a goal, in street there is no goal”

Or something to that accord, i’m probably way off the actual text.

But, trials aims for practicality, there is no tricks in trials, its trying to do certain things, like move from point a to point b, even if point a is at the top of a table, and point b is at the bottom, it is still a goal. Where as street, is much like freestyle, where its more about looks, and style, then goal.

Trials is trials and street is more like skateboarding/bmx stlye.

the basic idea is trials is all about riding over obesticles be that a picnic table or gapping 6 feet or more. What street does is use trials obsitcles to launch free style tricks. Also you will find there are tricks that are unique to street such as grinding. you will also find that street tend’s to be more concentrated on riding everything in an urban enviroment. One last note is that pretty much you will only see street people jumping stair set’s.
hope this helps. if it doesn’t go to and look at the defintions. I also find that all types of unicycling tend to complement each other in one or more ways. so don’t limit yourself by saying “i am only going to ride muni or street or trials”.

I find street a LOT more interesting to watch than trials, but good freestyling beats both hands down.

thanks much for the info everyone, hopefully i can get much more practice in to acquire more skills and actually qualify to state that i prefer any sort of style

Extreme Unicycling .COM or you could try here

Haha!!! Now that we all know what the difference if between the two, which would you rather watch?

street of course, trial is only good to watch when ryan or zack does it.

yeah, there’s some incredibly sexy trials stuff (like that rock bit in the defect trailer), but street just seems more interesting to watch to me. This may be because I ride trials almost competently, but am just getting into street.

rather watch street, rather ride trial.


street with a little trials


Yo. I’d rather ride street, promo knows that, except from last nights little trials sess. ohh burn, haha. I’d rather watch hmmm, tricky one. Probably trials. haha. I don’t know what street i haven’t seen. So it kinda bores me to watch. But yeah. Maybe the answer is street, i don’t know. I like the person that quote street is like skateboarding of BMX street. That’s the best way to put it. Stair sets, Rails, tech grinds, Tricking down sets, and some freestyle moves in lines. Trials, i like the point A to point B definition. Those guys have a lot of balls, accuracy, and patients. Haha. But the patient winners go to the freestylers. Well i’m out. Laters


Street is boring

Did you not see the defect Trailer?!?!?!?!

Street is boring