trials or street freestyle

i have a trials uni right now but im seriously considering a nimbus x for doing tricks on can i use my trials uni for street or freestyle riding if not can i use the nimbus x for light trials?

a trials unicycle is generally better for freestyle than a freestyle unicycle is for trials.

I think a trials unicycle is just as bad for freestyle as a freestyle unicycle is for trials. The main difference is that a freestyle unicycle will break if you do much trials on it, whereas a trials unicycle can handle freestyle easily.

If you seriously enjoy freestyle, getting a freestyle unicycle is probably a good idea.

What are good freestyle unicycles, anyway?

i was thinking of getting this uni

that is true. but the point is that you can do more freestyle on a trials unicycle than you can do trials on a freestyle unicycle, even though a freestyle unicycle is obviously better than a trials unicycle for freestyle.

I bought the 20" Nimbus X last fall and have nothing but good things to say about it. I got it because I wanted to do more freestyle, and it certainly has been much nicer than the trials uni I was using before. As far as trials, I’ve been able to do a lot more than you would think by reading this forum. I switched my pinned pedals onto the X and fitted a slightly wider, more aggressive tire. If you have decent landing technique, you’d be amazed at the abuse you can dish out. I don’t go huge, but I’ve done my fair share of 3-4’ drops (with rollout) on the stock wheelset without problems. I won’t say there aren’t any signs of wear, but far less than the “one 3’ drop and the cranks will snap” stories I’ve read on here. Hope this helps.


thanx could you people tell me more about the nimbus x?