Trials or Muni?!?!

Here’s the deal:

I’m a fairly decent rider that can do small jumps just using my Savage 24" (which I recently broke), and now I’m looking for a more advanced unicycle. Off roading and trials both look like tons of fun-- but I’m having trouble deciding which type of unicycle to buy.

Could I buy a 24" Muni and use it for the occaisonal trials? Similarly, could I buy a 20" Trials and use it for the occaisonal muni?

Finally, what are the best unicycles to buy for muni and trials? The KH24 seems a bit expensive…I’d like to find something less than $400. Thank you so much for your reply, I’m desperate for any information you can give!!

I cant tell you which one to get because thats all your preferance. But what i can say is that there are in a way built in trials in the wilderness if you go muni. As for a muni to buy, if you really wanted to stay under 400 you could go onza or qu-ax ( Id go KH or onza because i dont have any experience with qu ax. thats only for muni though. If you go trials, well actually if you go trials id still go onza or KH. Do what you want!

Look for a Summit on ebay. It’s the KH 20" but with a different frame. Same hub, same crankarms, same rim, same pedals. I got mine a few weeks ago for $202. One went about a week ago for $230. There is one guy who has a bunch of them. If you can get this I would definately go for it. You will need to get a KH seat if you do though, because they come with a Viscount, which is a good seat but it doesn’t have a handle.

Something else you could consider is the Torker DX. It has a splined hub and bit wider tire, not 2.5" though like a normal trials. They are about $150 I think.

Nimbus are $160-170. 20" and 24" I think. They are not splined.

Anything else is higher and you are looking at a Onza or a KH. Both above $370.

This is easy. Do both:D The fact is you’re already hooked, and you’re eventually going to get both anyway. So just decide which you want first. (I’d go for the MUni first, though because you can do a lot of trials stuff on it)

Rayden, are you happy with your purchase? I just bought the last one he had, so the seller says, on Sunday. It will be my first trials uni.

Tennisgh, if your already breaking stuff with trials, you need a strong Muni or Trials, which every way you go. Save your money and get a quality one, like the KH24 Muni or Summit, Onza or KH20 Trials. --chirokid–

Very happy. The splined hub and cranks are excellent. Same as on the KH. The frame looks nice. The crown is flat and not angled like the KH and maybe slightly heavier. I can’t say for sure but its what I’ve heard.

It is QUITE a bit heavier than my 20" Torker LX. There is just so much more rubber on the tire. That along with not having a seat with a handle yet makes it hard to do much jumping. But I have no doubts I will get used to the weight once i get a decent seat.

I started with a Torker… Then jumped up to a KH24. Then when was getting rid of the Summits, I bought one of the last two.

If you love uni, eventually you’ll have all of them also… unless your like Jagur and sell one, buy one.

I like the 20" alot. I have progressed much faster since I bought it. It is lighter and much easier to control than the KH24. I am now spending more time on the 24 and starting to feel more comfortable, but it is a beast. When I want speed, the 24 is much faster, but the 20" is easier to carry, ride in small areas, jump up stuff etc… The 24" rolls over everything.

Yeah. I have a 20" Torker I figured I’d sell when i got my Summit, but the Summit is heavier I think I will keep the Torker to use for crusing maybe. At the least my friend can use it. Now i want a 24" for cruising. :slight_smile:

And I’d like a Coker of course.

Interesting, before I bought one on the 1st (Monday last week), he said “I still have one available.” I guess he didn’t say he had “only” one available.

Re: Trials or Muni?!?!

In my opinion, the answer to the first question is: yes (I do it).
And the answer to the second question would be: no.

Does anyone disagree?


onefiftyfour is absolutely right. it is much easier to ride trials on a 24 than muni on a 20. i used to ride trials on my 24 and until you have a 20 to compare it to, the 24 will be perfectly fine. you may think that you wont be able to jump as high on a 24, but that is only once you get really high, as in close to 3 feet. i could do 25" on my 24 just fine, and im not very good. if you try to ride muni on a 20 you wont enjoy it. you will go soooo slow and you will get bored of it quickly. muni is about the speed.

i’d say get the one you’ll use most in its native environment.
if you live in the mountains get a muni, but if you live in the concrete jungle get a trials uni.

although many people buy both, you might not. i havent bought myself a 24 because i’d hardly ever get to use it.
i’ll probably get one some day, just for the sake of indulgence.

whatever you decide to get you won’t regret doing some research and putting together your own uni from parts.

get splined cranks if you can. their dirt cheap now anyway.

oh and if you can, live in europe, theres (in my opinion) a more competitave market here, and more choice in parts

I started with a “nimbus trials” with a cheap ass seat and pedals which i have upgraded. I have kind of killed in now :angry: I am getting a muni i have done some on my trials but have not gone that far as 19"ers are not made to go far. I am getting the qu-ax muni and am using that for trials until i can aford a onza hub and crank set.