[Trials] Only Once

After tons of frustration with WMM (I’m never making another vid with that thing again), here is my latest video.

Apologies for the tiny credits if you play it in your browser. When I was watching it full screen I didn’t remember that they would be really small on vimeo and youtube.

Download- http://www.vimeo.com/download/video:49787438

Watch- http://www.vimeo.com/866248

Watch- http://www.unicycle.tv/video/528-OnlyOnce


Cool! Your hops are getting really high. It did get bit repetitive towards the end though.

It was a good video, but the music got quite irritating.

The riding was pretty nice to watch, and those ups are getting higher with each video. Nice job.

nice video… for WMM, way to break the bench…

You’re getting really good…but the video was repetetive and didn’t seem to flow that much…partly because there were quite a bit of prehops

:stuck_out_tongue: Wow, really cool video Max.

Really clean picnic table sidehop.

Did you get in trouble from someone for breaking that bench?:stuck_out_tongue:

And you make WMM look good:) What are you going to get in replace of?

Awesome job!


good riding but the song was annoying and irritating. great work breaking the bench keep it up lol
WMM annoys me too, but i dont have an alternative so im stuck with it

Sorry that everyone thought the song was annoying. I thought it flowed pretty well with the vid, but its all opinion.

Interesting comment coming from someone who just came out with a video of a bunch of flips on flat:p Nah I’m just kidding, I actually enjoyed that vid, and I think I know what you mean about the repetitive thing (jumping around on the sewer cover, right?)

It probably would have been better just to rolling hop onto it and 360 off, but can’t change that now.

Issac- no one found out that it was me that broke the bench. It was all rotted underneath anyway, so it was only a matter of time before someone came along, sat on it and broke it.

Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it cause now I know what you guys are looking for in a good video, and I can take your advice and work on that stuff for future vids.

Definately not your best, IMO, but I really enjoy your vids more consistently than most.

The only anoying thing w/ the music for me, is it didn’t sound ‘clear’ at all.

It didn’t seem too repettive to me:o Fewer prehops would have been good, but not a big deal since you sped them all up.

nice hops. the music made me cry after a while.

I liked the editing and music. Eerie and sad. Cool!

Nice consistency with that picnic table. Your ups are now 30"?
Really good for your age, GJ! :astonished:

What I’d like to see in your next vid:
-1:19 - hand (I’m a bitch)

  • You need gaps now. A nice clean gap would be nice (6’?).
  • Higher skinnies.
  • Natural lines.

Thanks for the enjoyable video,


You just made my day! That was the effect I was going for. I probably could have made that more clear with a better editing program though…

Thanks for the suggestions for my next vid. As for the skinnies, I need to find some first. I really want some good skinnies, but so far all I have found are around 32" high. Scary, so I’m looking for some lower ones to start off. As for natural lines, I actually do a good bit of natural riding (i prefer it) but getting a (good) cameraman to film steadily while jumping from rock to rock over a rushing creek is hard. It’ll happen eventually.

Thanks for watching everyone.

Kool i never new there was a site like that ill use it more often maybe. nice vid.