trials on a 26" muni?

ok folks, here’s the deal; i’d really like to get myself a decent muni. normally i’m a street rider, but i dabble in muni riding however i’ve only ever been able to do so on my 20". my only issue is that i’m not quite sure what size muni to get. i want to be able to tackel the trails as well as do some basic trials type riding on logs and rocks that i may come across while on my muni ride. i like the idea of a 26" muni because of the added speed while on flat areas. is basic trials riding do-able and not over exhausting on a 26" or should i give up a little speed and get a 24" instead?

yea 24 is better. i got the 26 thinking i could do a lil trials on it, but it’s just too big, it’s more like a 29. riding skinnies is pretty hard on it. hopping is also pretty hard.

with a 24, you wont be really sacrificing that much speed, and you’ll be getting way more control for trials.

George Peck can do it…

Get yourself a copy of “Wheel of Justice” and watch George Peck do trials and other feats some would call “impossible” on his 26" Scwinn uni. The ultimate wheel stuff he does is ridiculous too.

I don’t think we’ve hit a critical mass with what is possible on a 26" uni. I am more comfortable on my 26" muni with the large marge rim and Larry 3.8 tire on north shore type stuff right now than my 24" with a 3.0 tire. Mainly because I am riding it more. I’m not saying a 26" is great for trials but I think you could do it. :slight_smile:

also it may help to note that i’m about 5’11" and around 160lbs

I ride 24" trials. Definately harder to tuck, but shouldn’t hold you back. Rail gaps and rail ups feel more secure due to longer cranks and larger wheel than 19" and gaps are the same. I can ride handrails no problem 24": it’s all about what you’re used to.

Trials and Technical Riding on a 26".

From what you like doing I would suggest the 24" with a 3" tire. You will have more bounce and absorbtion on the jumps and drops. With a smaller tire comes more control. If you like trials then I think that you, like me will be looking for the boulders and logs to conquer on your rides and these are much harder to do on a 26" with a 2.3" wheel.