Trials Of Fire..... ya' gotta call it something

So Saturday I picked up my nephew Oliver and his Dad… my Brother-in-Law Dan and we headed out of town to Cotters Barn to ride some proper Unicycle Trials!! Oliver has been riding about a year but really just starting to get into trials and I have never been to a “real” trials course. Stupendous!
It was humbling being out-ridden by 15 year olds but I am inspired to work on hopping higher and improving all my trials skills. Man, it is harder than it seems as you have to start a lot of obstacles while perched on a very small box with not much running room.
Thanks again Andy and Irene for the terrific trials course and school of hard knocks … Oliver is pumped to ride more and more! He had a load of uni-fun. So did I.
Shug of Humility

haha that was funny! baa! :smiley:

That looks like heaps of fun. Sweet course!

Fun and Funny!

That looked like so much fun! Is that a uni club in your town, and is that a regular event held every year, or was the trials course built just for this one get together? Very fun video there Sean! :slight_smile:


T’were a ton of fun and the course is huge and challenging…

Fundamentally Fantastic! Thanks for the comment.

Hey Terry … was so much fun and an inspiring learning session. It was about 70 miles out of town at Andy Cotter and Irene Grenilen’s Trials Barn. They live the unicycle lifestyle and and have a club in their town and are very involved in the whole Minnesota unicycle scene. They offer this monthly and it is free. They only ask that you bring something for the potluck … Irene made homemade pumpkin pie and chocolate dipped strawberries. We had bbq pork shoulder and all kind of epicurean delights. Unicyclist know how to chow! The course is a permanant thing and they encourage you to change it to what you want to ride, They also have about two miles of MUni trail around the farm with TONS of obstacles over water, tall swirly hills, farm equipment to ride over and off of.

It was really muddy and still icy so we stayed in the barn. They really share the sport and open their place to a lot of folks … really a cool thing to do. Andy says that the trials will definitely pay off in MUni riding. Those kids were all fantastic riders.
Love your backyard uni-trials-world.