Trials obstacles

I was just wondering what trials obstancles I should look into building or finding. Id like to set up a small course to practice my Muni skills as well as trials skills. Right now all i have are pallets. Are there any places to get plans to make sandwich boards to something to practice skinnys or whatver other obstacles there are?


Search on “build trials” and “trials obstacle” and you find some threads, for example

There’s pix too in the galleries:

Best thing for you would be to get in your car and drive up to Toronto this weekend for Toque.


Here are some instructions I wrote…I hope they help. I’ve also got the info in a word file if you want.

There are quite a few photos in the ‘trials photos’ sectin of as well. Well I think they’re there…either that or the ‘miscellaneous’ section.

Good luck,

Hey Andrew, thanks for the inspiration. I built myself an 8’ long balance beam 7" off the ground (made of 2x4s), which loosely follows your designs, except it only has 1 stabilizer, which is 3’ long (17"each side).

I now have a nice little sidewalk trials course. I have 3 boxes that can be attached together (20"x20"x20", 2’x2’x2’, 2’Hx2x5’Lx2’W), a 2.5" stacking box (attached to the 20" box for 22.5" hop) which is about 2.5"x19"x9". I use that in conjunction with my boxes and the stairs in front of my house to do gapping and hopping practice. When bolted together, the 3 boxes are virtually untippable, but only the 2’x2.5’x2’ box can be used stand alone, because the 20" and 2’ boxes tip too easily. Now I just need some sandwich boards, and I’ll be set.

Thanks andrew, lots of cool stuff.

No worries. Have you got any photos of what you’ve built? It sounds great.


Andrew’s instructions are great, i loosely followed them to build my first sandwich board (building six more this weekend). one problem i encountered was with hinges, apparently those long one for gates and other heavy duty things are the best. so i went to B&Q, addmitedly not the best for quality or price but its only five mins away. anyway, the hinges were suited to what i was looking for but were well expensive (about £6 for 2 small ones and £10 for two large!), and if two are required for each sandwich board thats crazzzzzzy money i don’t have.

the sollution i found was to use this angle iron stuff(very cheap) with pre-drilled holes (i think its call dexion), to make the hinge, with a 6mm bolt through. The first board was as solid as a rock, so ill be using this method for my other boards too.

here’s some pics of the sandwich board in action!

this method has a few advantages, it’s cheaper than buying expensive long hinges, and it adds about 1" to the width of the sandwich board at the top (doesn’t have to add any width if you don’t want) and this means smaller section wood can be used at the top, which is also cheaper.

good luck with the build!

hope this helps or saves you some dough, iain

Great idea! Yes, the hinges are often ridiculously expensive. I found that some of them aren’t too expensive (about $4 for large ones)…it just depends on whether or not they’re coated with anything, etc. My latest ones are great. I don’t know what they’re made of/coated with but they were $4 Australian each and won’t rust.


Thanks for the idea. I have angle iron, but I also have about 6 heavy prass door hinges that are waiting to be used, so I’ll use them. I’ll post pics when I get them, but that’ll be a while.

Holy Crap, did anyone else notice that high quality cordless drill? How long does it take to charge? Probably took 2-3 Cokes to get enough energy to drill all those holes.

Actually, it has been a long time since I have seen a drill like that. Probably 20 years, and even then it was likely in an antique shop. Must be quality because I have been through 3 cordless drills in the last 5 years, and I doubt 20 years from now anyone will be using them.