Trials Muni

I was thinking, if trials unis are supposed to be stronger, and munis even stronger, then could one not buy a muni and just use it for trials?


It’s not just the strength, it’s also the weight I believe. And it seems like some of the trials/street tricks rely on smaller tires… Easier to do a spin if you don’t have to get yer legs as far out of the way and back in to the pedals…

But one could conceivably do trials with a muni, if it were a slow muni.


Yeah, you could do trials with a muni… but it seems more of something that you do when yer already riding the muni and want to try something you see… If you’re going out with the intention of doing trials, the trials uni is the way to go…
The other option is just use a trials uni for muni… You just don’t go as fast on the trails :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have thought that munis would necessarily be stronger, what makes you think this? All the top end hub and crank sets are made to fit either muni or trials unicycle. Same with frames.

As everything is bigger on a muni I would say they’d be easier to break than on a trials- longer cranks have more leverage put on them, larger diameter wheels (24"/26" etc) would surely be narrower in comparison to a smaller wheel (19"/20") on the same size hub, so easier to taco.

24" frame legs would have more twisting pressure applied to them and possibly take the stress worse than the 20" equivalent.

The saddles are generally the same, only really the padding would vary between the two styles of riding.

Of course I’m no expert on this, so if anybody disproves the above then just ignore me! :slight_smile:

A muni can be used for trials, a trials can be used for freestyle, a freestyle can be used for the road and a 29er can be used for muni- they just aren’t designed to do the job as well as other unicycles. Not that this stops some people. I’m sure a mountain bike can be used for bike trials, but it just wouldn’t be as good aas a trials bicycle.

Trials unicycles have the weight advantage over munis as previously mentioned and also have the upper hand in manoeuvrability. I think you can accelerate quicker on a 20" with 140mm cranks than most munis too, though again, I could be wrong.

If you only have one or only want to get one, just figure out what type of riding you’re most likely to do and get the appropriate unicycle. Like I said a muni can do trials and similarly a trials can do muni!

Hope this is of some use :slight_smile: