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I finnaly got up enough stuff on my site to tell people about it. its
getting ok now. I have reviews, projects, pictures,tips manufactures,
links, and about
me. I strongly urge you to czech projects and fotos. At least look at the
“damm” album. I garantee that i have some projects that you have never
seen before, worthwile stuff too! Nothing too great, but mildly
amusing. There are also pictures of a friend who rides both trials
unicycle and mountian bike. impressive.

sign my guestbook if you get a chance, it would mean alot to me if i could
get some of the greats to sign
mf. (you know if you are on this list). It would of course also mean a lot
to me if anyone signs it. (like you care!)

Its worth a look just for laughs! If you dont care about my unicycling.

I update a lot, with more pics every so often. New reviews and projects as
they happen. so czech it and let me know what you think!

by the way, i cant spell, i have a disease, for real, 100% serious. thanks
for looking at the site.

Nick Cegelka

NickLikesFire AIM