Trials movie: Venice Beach Unicycling

Over spring break my folks and I drove down to Los Angeles to visit my uncle. It was cool because we got to hang out around Venice Beach, as well as check out many of the colleges in that area.

Of course I brought my trials uni, and on Sunday my Dad was nice enough to film me tearin’ up the Beach area. (Which includes a little skatepark.)

All was well until I broke my KH seat. (That’s the 2nd one I’ve broken.) I pulled up for a small drop, and I felt the front two bolts rip through the plastic. Ugh. Fortunately, my ride was not finished as I was still able to hop seat out, by holding right next to the rear bolts.

Also, as I was riding down the boardwalk-type area, this downhill MT biker named Chris Wilson started talking to me. He knew quite a lot about Muni, and he told me he has ridden with Kris Holm.

So without further adieu, may I present:
Venice Beach Unicycling

To watch, go to (It’s the first movie there). It’s 14.4 mb, and I should be getting a small version up there too.

Oh yeah, and the music is wicked cool!



“He jumped off that with his one-wheeled bike!”

Thanks very much for sharing. That was great!

R.I.P KH seat

That was cool, good riding, good music, but the best part was the commentary by your dad. Haha.


That was awesome. That place is such a good spot for unicycling. Its perfect.


That part of Venice is a half mile from my crib. If you end up going to school down here, we’ll have to hook up. Local hills are full of XXX single tracks and the bike path (25 miles long, on the sand and right next to the ocean) is second to none for speed Cokering.


That was some great unicycling can’t wait till next vid :smiley:

Really? I was wondering if there were other unicyclists in the area. I figured there were. Venice is such an awesome place, and that beach area always has something going on. Chris Wilson was telling me about the local hills. He said they were pretty good. Maybe next time I’ll bring my Muni!

Buh Bye!


Another great movie, keep them coming please!


That was great. I think if I tried to ride like that here, I’d get kicked out of most places.


And in most places you rightfully should. But where Jess was riding is different. The area is full of skaters, skateboarders, and all sorts of other people “doing their thing(s).” It’s probably one of the more acceptable places to ride on benches and walls. I’ve ridden there once myself, but only on the flats.

Thanks for the movie, Jess!