Trials movie: My Thanksgiving in Cal Poly

This Thanksgiving my parents and I went to San Louis Obispo to visit my sister who goes to Cal Poly. (San Louis Obispo, or SLO, is about 3 hours away from Santa Cruz, CA) (Cal Poly is an awesome California state college.) So of course I brought along my Summit. On Thanksgiving day we went to Pismo beach, and I talked my dad and sister into taping me ride. The next day I begged my sister to tape me riding on Cal Poly’s campus. She finally gave in. Unfortunately, I broke my KH Saddle:

One of the nuts on my KH saddle has been broken off for a few days, and after bailing out of a 180 off a 4 foot drop, One of the other bolts ripped through the plastic, and now the saddle is basically useless. With 2 nuts still attached, I continued riding (no pun intended. really.). There’s footage of the saddle breaking in the movie. When I got home today, I edited the clips into a nice little 3 minute movie called:

Cal Poly Unicycling!
It’s in the WMV format, and it’s only 6 megabytes!!

So to satisfy your inner hunger to watch some unicycling, click this link:
(it’s at the bottom of the page)

The music is by Restraint, who is not copyrighted or anything! (I’m friends with the singer (although the song in this movie has no vocals (three parenthesis are wierder than double))).


Wow… that’s some pretty good riding… I still can’t get that high a rolling hop… but i’m getting there by god… i’m getting there.

Really sweet movie. Keeping that in the file.

that was refreshing. your vid was cool. nice riding. but is all that blood on your ankles in that pic in your gallery just from the nubs on your summit’s cranks? ouch…

Great vid. That drop where you broke your seat looked like it hurt.

I went to Cal Poly (Math, 1990), so it was nice to see the place (haven’t been there in ages).

My KH seat has been on 3 bolts since BMW … I don’t ride trials, so I’m hoping that critical front bolt will live a while yet. It’s too bad such a great seat is let down by some weak components (tho I understand the later revisions are better).

Cool video!

Grrr! But it has made me want to go out and do some trials… and its raining outside!

I’m going to pick my MUni up in an hour - it was getting the brake hose shortened at LBS (i’d rather pay them to do it and get it right, then for me to do it and get it wrong). Then I’ll go for a Muni in the mud… :slight_smile:

Back to the video: I’d like to see some more of your movies… they are cool, and well edited! Well done!