Trials movie! Beal's Point, Folsom Lake, California

Today my friend Zack Baldwin and I got up bright an early to find a beautiful day here in California. We were planning on going trials riding today, but yesterday it rained, and we were worried that it was going to be an ugly day today.

Well we lucked out, and I drove us over to Beal’s Point at Folsom Lake. There are bike trails (paved) that go though the area, Beal’s Point is also a campground. The lake is the lowest it’s been in awhile, and there’s a lot of rocks exposed that I’ve never seen before.

NOTE** If you went to the CA Muni Weekend, on Saturday afternoon we went to Granite Bay, and rode/did trials on the rocks and sand at Folsom Lake. Beal’s Point is a few miles around the perimeter from that spot.

Anyway, we found some awesome trials lines, made some with picnic tables, did some wicked cool gliding, and had a great time. There was so many road bikers going through the area, as it was a gorgeous day. Of course I had my video camera with me, and we taped each other. After getting home, I edited the footage into a 4 and half minute movie. I used the song All My Life by Foo Fighters for music.

ALSO!!! The evening before (Friday) we were at Bob’s bike shop talking with our unicycling friend Eric that works there. Then we went over to the corner of the parking lot and did a little gliding as it was getting dark. Well, there were some bums nesting under the eve of a nearby building. One of them curiously came over to where we were, beer in hand, and started hooting and cheering about unicycling. We were kind of chuckling with him, but I think we were both antsy to get out of there. Well we talked to him a little bit, and he turned out to be a friendly bum, although he was drunk. I got my camera out of my bronco and we asked him what he thought of unicycling. His response was very funny, although very profane. I included his comments at the beginning and end of this movie. I know that it is very profane, but it’s used in a colorful way… and it IS from a drunk bum. So if you think you might be offended by the f-word, then you probably shouldn’t download the movie.

The final product is a .wmv file, 21 megabytes, and about 4 and a half minutes. So for your viewing pleasure, please go to the following link:

Also, I did some trials by myself at Beal’s Point early this January. That small little movie is also on my video page, called “Trials and Muni.” And that is 3.75 megabytes.

Well I think this post has been long enough…


Very cool Jess,

That drunkard was pretty f-ing funny. The riding was great too.


Hey Jess.

Cool vids!

Nice to see some quality gliding too! :slight_smile:

I couldnt help but notice on your truck, do you have your website address on it? If so, it looks cool!


Yeah…haha it is. But it’s my old URL I should probably change that.

Glad you liked it.


Hey you should of been in it. You were the one that really explored the new rocks with me that day. Hope you’re finding some nice riding back at Chico.


(picture taken by John Foss)

uni- broco back.jpg

Excellent riding, and the music adds a lot of energy! Nice job.

That’s a great movie, thanks for sharing! I was really impressed by all the riding.


When’s your movie coming out, Andrew_C?

Our movie is coming out when it’s good and ready. :slight_smile: I don’t know, probably 2 months-ish. I just want to get some more good filming done. I don’t want to have to come up with a name for it. I wanted to just not name it but people seem to disagree with this…so any ideas for names?


How about
Pluggers Are Go
Annie Get Your Pluggers
Pluggers Vs Jandals Deathmatch VII
Rebel without a Plugger

Maybe if I see a copy of the finished movie some cool movie title will appear to me…


Due to a request, I added a “Bum-Free” version of the movie…

You can find it on the same page: