[Trials] Max G.- Gnat

Here’s my first video using iMovie. I really like the interface of iMovie 08, but when it came to exporting the video the quality was awful. I tried a bunch of different settings. Anyway, it looks ok on vimeo except for the credits which are hard to read. Its not worth a download because of the poor quality, so only youtube and vimeo this time.

Watch on vimeo

EDIT: Youtube later

Nice Job, your improving. The skinny was rad, what was that, an iron cable?

:astonished: I expect big things from you in the future

awesome video. i really enjoy your style.

Thanks. The skinny was some kind of metal tube, but it was really rusty and bendy.

And I expect big things from you too! Your riding is awesome. I only hope my knees will let me keep riding in the future.

Glad you liked it. It’s awesome to hear good comments about style cause trials can get boring if it doesn’t look good. Hope to see more from you soon, your riding is great.

I was watching all you vids, you improve so much inbetween them good job :astonished:

yeah seriously…
your getting really good.
how old are you? 13?

Time for a Uni Upgrade I think.

Nice video. I couldn’t read the credits at the end though, but no biggie. Good job!:slight_smile:

Riley- Thanks. 14.

Unikid- I know. I’m saving up for too many expensive things. Moab and new uni. Gonna wait till the end of the year at least till I get a new uni. Gotta make sure I’m on track for Moab before that though.

Muniaddict- Thanks you. I only realized the credits were so small after I uploaded the vid, and I didn’t feel like going back to make such a small change. I hope your “retirement” from making vids doesnt last too long.

Thanks so much for all the comments guys, it makes all the effort put into my videos worth it.

Youtube Beware of the lower quality setting. It looks horrible on low quality, but watch it on high quality and it looks pretty good.


You can handle Moab on a DX. I did my first year there. Ill be doing it all on a 20" next time im there too. lol

I know a dx can handle moab. Ill have my 24" too. But I want a new uni anyway. I’m sick of this thing.

Awesome video. Interesing set up also. Was that a DX wheel with a tryall tire and a Koxx frame?

Awesome video Max.

Great riding as usual, nice job on the rail, and the 360 unispin. :slight_smile:

Some great editing too.

Great movie.


Very nice. Well made and good progression from your last video.

Amazing. awesome riding and improvement

Best yet!

Can’t wait to ride with you.


wow!! Some really big hops and decent gaps. I like your style!

Same! Its gonna have to only be one or two rides though, I’m gonna try to stay off the uni for at least 6 weeks.

Isaac- Thanks for the comments. Are we gonna see any more of you soon?

Danni, and everyone else who commented about progression- I really appreciate hearing that. Sometimes it can feel like you progress sooo slowly, so its great to hear that thats not the case.

good video. should have named it “gnatty trials”.