I was wondering wat a trials uni would be like with a magura brake set ?
and how much it would improve trials riding, and whether it would be better to mount it on the handle or for sif hopping!! ??

Could somebody give me a few answers about it, and does ne1 hav a set of brakes on their trials at the moment?

try thinking about it a little bit… when do you need a brake for trials, and how would you use one? They are virtually useless for SIF riding, which makes one useless for about 90% of trials riding.

A brake is a waste of weight on a trials uni, and it’s merits for muni stillget debated.

I don’t have a brake on my trials uni, but I do on my muni. It doesn’t get in the way for trials riding on my muni, but doesn’t help at all. If I need to ride trials on my muni, the brake is just dead weight, not something useful. Locking the wheel makes SIF hopping harder, and just takes away control.

yeah i thought that, i was just trying to get a few opinions on the issue

There was a discussion on here a while ago, i believe that incresed ease in landing on sloped surfaces and bars was sited as the best reason for trials brakes.

I had a Summit with Magura’s on it and the only advantage that I noticed was that it made it easuer to mount the uni when on a skinny.:wink:

A brake is a delicate piece of equipment, and not cheap to maintain. Trials unis take a lot of abuse, so you’re looking at potentially damaging an expensive component over, and over, and over, for what gain? Use in rare occasion?

What ever happened to using proper technique? Ryan Atkins does sick, sick trials sans brakes… 'nuff said!

I hadn’t read the previous discussion, but I did a bit of hopping onto sloped surfaces this weekend. The brake might make the initial landing easier but unless one lands PERFECTLY they’re going to need to make a corrective hop after landing. The brake is going to make the correction near impossible.

Furthermore, it would be quite hard to learn how to use a brake while hopping… it’s hard enough to modulate a brake just so whilst riding down an irregular slope.

Methinks the whole brake debate was carried on by folks who don’t have much experience with trials, much experience with brakes, or both.