Trials like Street????

Yo, I’ve heard in a few places that some people believe that street is like trials, just a change of location and enviroment. I disagree, and I am kinda curious to what other riders believe. I don’t sense trials in any street"ness" except a possible air to picnic table, then trick off, and then it’s just the air. So yeah kinda curious as to what you think about the relationship. And if you believe there isn’t one, then post it as well. Street is devolping like crazy now, and possible beginning street (Old school street) was like trials. But this new school stuff seems nothing like any other style (Expect the fluid riding styles, or unispins ((freestlyle)) in some street lines)

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Am I allow to put brackets inside of brackets. haha

Please describe what you feel are the differences between new and old school Street, and the timelines you are referring to. To me, Street is not old enough to be considered old. How old do people think Street is?

The difference between Street and Trials is that one is about getting over obstacles, and the other is about using obstacles as a platform for doing interesting moves. Trials involves no tricks, or interesting moves, just making it over the obstacles.

So though much of the riding, and the riding environment, may look similar, the goal of each event is very different.

One time, Kris Holm said something like

Trials is getting up and over obstacles in an urban setting, and street is using those same obstacles to set up freestyle moves.

I’m sure it wasn’t that at all, but he said something to the same gist. someone’s prolly gonna come and show me up with the exact quote, but yeah, that’s what I think of trials and street.

Street & Trials are linked, but only that you need to be able to do some trials before street becomes a possibility. Trials does not involve street, but street has to involve trials on some level.

I’ve always thought of Street as Trials + Freestyle. Its nowhere near as simple as that, but when someone asks me what the different aspects are, thats what I say.


Dan H. put it Trial+freestyle= street, and the way James said Kh put it are both accurate, urban trials can be like street sometimes, but not allways, i got a better equasion
Urban Rolling trials+freestlye=Street or just if it lloks like the crap there doing on hte bikes and skateboards then its close enough…

I pretty much agree with what everybody else said.

Trials is, as said, the object of getting up and over/across obstacles, street is doing tricks over obstacles. But, that doesnt neccisarily mean that the same obstacles are used for both. You cant just take a trials course and use it for both street and trials, it wont work. Street is more flowy, with less obstacles and more of drops, gaps, less prescision. In other words, street USUALLY doesnt involve doing tricks across narrow gapping beams, or posts, or rail riding(although it could be done and called street). I would say that street has more blunt obstacles.

Well it seems everyone in here knows what street is, its streetm not trials not freestlye…its street


I just think street owns u kno like this : BOOM HEAD SHOT

Two days ago I rode with a talented street rider (Saban), and call it what you want but that kid ripped in everthing we did–urban Muni, street and some trials stuff. From what I’ve seen, the good street riders are very adaptable to any and all disciplines.


Thats why I love street…

I do street in some of my urban trials lines. I wouldn’t consider it pure street, but trials with a little flair.

For example…roll-hopping onto the skinny edge of a planter box, and riding across it, and then 180’ing off the end of it. Riding skinnies isn’t pure street. Roll-hopping and 180’s (over, on, off, whatever) are in no way pure trials.

The other somewhat comparable thing between trials and street, that I can think of (and again, I’m just thinking about things off the top of my head that I normally do, or try to do), is flow. Yes, I know. I’ll explain. Eliminating as many correctional hops as humanly possible, and doing fast, quick springing lines is flowy in a progressive way. Not nearly as fast and flowy as street. But it makes lines look more fluid, and clean, and accurate when done right. Otherwise trials can look really choppy–not so much for the big stuff, but the smaller stuff. When I do a smaller-scale line, I call it small, because it’s easy for me. If it’s easy I don’t want to be pogoing my uni through it, wasting energy for when I work my way up to bigger lines and sections later on in my ride as i get more warmed up to try new things.

I think people need to quit analysing everything and just ride it.


Me too. But everyone else does anyway, so I might as well set them straight.

street is trials with style

street is looking good

trials is gettin somewhere