Trials - Keeping it Smooth.


We all know that trials is all about control, having you and the uni going where you want you and the uni to. Going from obstacle to obstacle while keeping everything smooth and under control.

Lets get started.

A lot of people I have seen, instead of keeping things fluid and under control, they have to hop tons of times and resemble a pogo stick motion of going up and down before they actually make the real jump.

By doing this, it can actually tire you out before you even start your trials line, or makes it so you cant finish it because you tire out your legs from all the pogo stick motion. It looks really bad too. Nobody wants to watch 20 seconds of hopping in place, jumping to an object, another 20 seconds of pogo sticking, and continuing the line like that.

Here is an example of me doing a small trials line with a lot of pogo stick motion, notice how sloppy it looks and how long it takes to do a rather quick and simple line.:frowning: :angry: :o

Lets smooth that out, shall we?

We can start with practicing standstills. They are pretty easy to do, from sitting down, or standing up, in this case, standing up, come to a horizontal position and just stop and stand there. Don’t idle back and forth, just use your body and arms to stay balanced and to not fall off.

Start riding SIF more, even if you dont use SIF for trials, it will still increase your balance and control. Also, start riding every skinny you see, from just being on curbs to the top of ledges. Ride them all and increase your balance and control.

Have competition with your friends. Have them watch you do a line and count how many corrective hops you do. Have them do the same line and see who does the lowest amount of corrective hops, keep doing the line and keep reducing your corrective hops. Loser, the one with the most corrective hops on a line, buys the winner and him\herself a nice chocolate after ride shake.

Try to visualize your line, you dont want to get up onto something then be like, “Uhh… now where?” You want to see the line you are gonna do, look at where you are gonna jump onto, what are you gonna gap, where are you gonna land. Visualise in your head doing this line as smooth as possible, then go try it.

Now you have gotten some practice in and lets see how the same line looks with no corrective hops.:smiley: :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

See how much better that was? I just mounted, hopped up, hopped up again, hopped to the other side, and hopped down. The line went by very fast and looked way better than before. You can impress way more people by keeping your lines smooth and fluid, even if your doing something extremely technical, if your doing lots of corrective hops on it, the simple, smooth line will look better.

I hope This helps all of you that read it.

P.S. If you need to do a lot of corrective hops before your doing something bigger than usual, or its a new time trying an obstacle, its ok to do the corrective hops, but once you know and can get up it, get rid of the corrective hops. Pre-hops are also ok to do, most time you dont need a pre-hop to get on must stuff, just a regular compression will work, but if you need to pre-hop to really get onto something, do it, but make it smooth.

For the people who have to download and save as to get the videos to work off the gallery here is the link to the first movie, and the second one.

The segments are in an AVI format.

Jerrick Crites

i dont know if anyone else got anything out of this but i did. Thanks for making it

The main point is just for people to get rid of corrective hops.

thats what I have been working on latly

Your right about that, it looks bad :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m working on doing less corrective hops and it really works and looks beter on a movie.


thanks jerrick. i’ll try that in my next practice session. i need to work on my prehops things. uuuug. I feel so… so… UNCLEAN now that i KNOW my prehopping is bad…

I forgot one thing!!!


Find any size set of stairs, well, actually, make sure it has about 4 or more.

Go up to the stairs and hop one each step until you get to the top, with no prehops. Now, start at the bottom, hop up one step, hop down it, now hop up to the first step again, and up to the second stair, now hop down one stair. Keep doing practices like this on any stairs you find to increase your accuracy and helps with trials. Make sure your doing no prehops on any of the stairs!!!

WOOW that I never thought about that. :stuck_out_tongue:
It looks a GREAT training.


hah me too… and thanks jerrick

Mentality - The Placebo Affect

I just found this article and I advise everyone to read it and to take it into consideration of their trials riding, or anything in life.

The Placebo Affect

Thank you for posting that link. It is true about what they are saying and i think I could do alot more if it was mentally keeping me back

haha, I just read that same article yesterday. someone posted it in another thread, and now I don’t remember which thread it was. great article though.

Most of the stuff’s pretty much common sensical but I’m appreciative that someone’s bothered typing all that out.

I don’t have much common sense so many thanks!

Yeah, a lot of that i thought was common sense when I firt started riding, but I needed something to do, and thought this would be a good thing to do.

I like your suggestions Jerrick, and i like that article too.
Often you are held back by your mind, and not your body.