Trials jumping.

Hello i decided to make a thread about all the different things people practise gap jumping and general trials jumping on,

I recently made some steps out of loose bricks i haven’t tried it yet but my dad wont let me keep palettes,

what do you guys do?

stairs, tables, anything in an urban environment can be played on. Playgrounds are great.


I have a park nearby i hopped one of those things, they are wooden and they are distanced steps then i fell because this 5 year old screamed at me…Mmm life is fun haha

i do pallets or boxes.

washing machines,trailers,fences,skateparks…

benches benches benches (i am bench obssesed)

Palets are awesome if u can get access to them, picnic benches are cool but tend to be real weak and break (no experience there obv…)

Scafolding poles are great too! also grind rails (for skinnies) i did jump on a dishwasher that was great actually.

Walls are good too, flower pots… stairs are good too.

anything that I see on the way thats under my skill limet, usualy big bike jump gaps in the woods

I have almost nothing around, so I took to street, but every so often or so I ride or drive up to a park and unicycle about a mile away.

You’re in the same position as me, my Dad won’t let me keep pallets either, he says I won’t put them away when I’m done. I just got a torker dx so I’ve been looking to practice trial too. Just about a hour ago I went on my first search ride for something to ride on. I found this bench at a playground, that was rubber. I tried to learn crankgrabs on it, I came close but I had to leave because a family was coming and I put a few little pedal peg marks on the edge. Does anyone have any suggestions of types of benches to ride on that aren’t rubber? I have a few cement ones around my house but I’m afraid its gonna ruin my brand new unicycle. I care a whole lot more about my unicycle than the bench

ahaha i got told once by an old lady that i was damaging a brick ledge by pedal grabing it, i told her kindly it was actually damaging my pedal - she walked off not looking too happy.

rubber benches are pretty good (well plastic ones never really seen a rubber one tbh) cause the ones i use to practice on where black and so u couldnt really see the marks…

Best thing for pedal grabs are concrete walls. THey just dont give in! stone walls - u can have the stones fall off - both embarrasing and dangerous if it lands on your foot. Brick walls - they crumble away but its not too bad.

But if ur doing crank grabs your going to damage your crank and pedal. Its known. But the only thing thats gonna happen is small scratches to the metal anmd the rubbing off of your paint, it doesnt matter - it’ll look more hardcore.

So the cranks and pedals won’t bend or anything? Also I’m getting off the subject but a pedal crab is just jumping up on something and landing on your pedal and holding it right. Yeah the bench I was riding was black but it still noticable if you were trying to get me in trouble. Thats funny though how you told the old hag off.

No, yes!

You have to use your eyes. ANYTHING, well most anything, can be used to do trials. You just have to develope that sort of habit were your constantly looking for places. It also helps if you know any skaters because just about every skate spot can be unicycled.

nah the cranks wont be hurt one bit, the pedals netiher. THey will just get scratched. I mena pedals do break every so often but dont even worry about it its not gonna happen on a brand new unicycle especially - no offence meant - with what you are doing.

I wasnt ttrying to get you into trouble, just the one i did it on had a roughed up surface so the pin marks didnt really show up much if you know what i mean. To be honest just ride where you think is suitable, most people will think its funny.

As for the lady, i didnt tell her off i merely meant it as a different way of looking at it. Looking back at it i shouldnt have done it and felt bad - i mean we dont want to end up like skaters do we?

I found rocks to be the best training for trials. Its hard to ever find a flat surface like in an urban setting where almost everything is flat and smooth.

Rocks, you always have to start on a rigid/uneven surface. Your landing and take offs are always to point to point, crevice to crevice, slope to slope, just take way more skill and control to start and get going with natural rock trials then it does for urban stuff.

After a few hours or days working on rocks, going back to pallets andriding around downtown just feels so easy now.