[Trials] Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Hey Everyone, just finished making my latest video.

I would really appreciate the comments and suggestions.:slight_smile:

I’m trying Vimeo out but can’t get it yet,

But here is Youtube

:sunglasses: nice you learnt to tuck on lower stuff.Now you just work on the prehop and your record hop will fly up

nice riding! annoying song…and a bit repetitive clips :o

beautiful 9 set…i wanna jump it soooo bad:D

I couldn’t watch the whole thing, because youtubes being worked on, but looked good from what I could see. High jump is really improving, I remeber you were only hopping two pallets a little while back. But I wasn’t really feeling the music.

hate the song.
ruined it for me.
but your getting better

Awesome tuck.
Now for the prehop!

haha. I cant tuck that well, but i know how to prehop crazy from doing SI stuff.

on topic:
cool vid, a little repettitive, the song annoyed me, but your progressing a lot.

so I know the song was weird and all, but any other comments?

This is just what I ate this morning, delicious!

Vimeo is up!

It looks like you had FUN making the video and that it what counts.

Wow awesome video.

Yeah, kinda annoying music. But you are definatly get WAY better! Good job on the 65cm! That’s so awesome, we are tied.

keep it up!

Isaac :slight_smile:

thanks man, and thanks to everyone else, I love hearing your guys’ comments, it really comes into play in my next video

Your video pushed me to go out today and practice my tucking, it helps alot. I’m just a little away from getting 65.

you can do it man. I wish I could get 65 again. I’ve been trying for the past three days now and I can’t get it. You guys think it was luck?

The song was kind of annoying, but maybe it could have worked if there were more, better silly bits.

Watch some of Maximus’ vids for filming/editing ideas. Max is a good rider, but there are others that are better riders, yet I’d still much prefer to watch one of Max’s.

Give high jump practice a rest.Go out and do something else for 2 days.You cant practice hopping every day and expect to be getting higher the next day.It all comes with highs and lows

thanks, i’m just a bit worried.

same thing w/ me only rolling hops

no I dont even measure, I just ride what I can and try to have fun.

I wish I could ride more to keep my skills though:o

nice static hop…

But hopping up stairs is so boring! It’s somewhat alright when people don’t hop a few times on each step, but when they do hop several times each step it’s so tedious. It’s nice that you can jump up the 3 stair, but after that you should have got a move on :wink:

Just a little tip, sorry if I was too blunt.