trials hookworm tire?

well i was thinking about getting a hookworm tyre for my nimbus when my CC wears out on but sides (sh*t it wears fast) and i have been trying to find a hookworm tyre but i cant find any hookworms for a 19 inch tyre does any one else have this problem and have they found one

i am aware that i may be making an idiot out of my self if they dont make hookworm trials tyres

Im pretty sure they don’t

Yeah they dont make them, but there is a 24 x 2.5" hookworm tire

in that case we will let this thread die and i will be getting a luna

there is 20" hookworms i have seen them


:astonished: did you not read the post? its for a 19" trials rim not for a 20" rim at all.
and no, i have never heard of a 19" hookworm but it sure would be nice for some street riding. maybe a try-all tire?

what about ringworm i have heard they are better then hookworm

How very helpful.

There is no mod size hookworm tire. Also, the hookworm is designed to be run at a very high pressure (60psi-ish) This means no bounce, which leads to a very dead feeling trials uni.