Trials High Jump

Just for fun i though i see how many pallets i can jump up.I all most got six pallets. It is 76cm high. I was wonder what is the record in canada for high jump if any one knew?

You guys well probaly laugh at this lol.

about 109 done by Ryan Atkins, he’s canadian :wink:

thats a high jump, your getting really good at trials, I cant even hit 75 cm yet, I think I’ve been riding longer, though I dont do to much trails.


but low pallets :wink:

In Sweden (europe?) 6 pallets is 90cm.

i know it isnt a record but once i get six im going on 7 pallets haha try at lest. Thanks for the tips. I guess a lot of it is techneic

43" is about the record
or 114cm(to pallets) fabian mark

i can do something like 35" now
on a real good day…

I’m just curious as to why most ppl hopping (mostly sif) start so far away from the pallets, taking that first big pre hop from like 3 feet away, with the final (2nd) hop up and onto the pallets. Why not just start in the same spot as where you do your final hop? One big pre hop to comprees the tire, the up you go.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what I do, some times I hop a foot away though, other times my pre-hop moves me only a few inches.

Because the first hop gives you the horizontal speed and the second gives you the vertical. Second hop you just slam high as much as you can, without having to jump to the side.

That’s my understanding, but I practically never prehop myself.

i was doing exactly wot u were doing this afternoon on an 80cm wall, and then i got it did it once more and went home lol :smiley:

and when i get myself jumping real high i do the same landing position as zach except i usually fall off because i’m not stable enough with my seat like so low.

But well practice makes perfect…

and i always do a big prehop mostly for me so i cant chicken out cause its too late by the time u’ve landed the big prehop, you just got to go for it :smiley:

it also helps with the going sideways i guess. But i’ve been practicing some static prehops (like prehop then jump on the same spot) but never higher than 60cm

It’s like normal high jump on your feet. You need to run up to the bar to get the speed then you convert the speed into going up instead of far.

Keep practising! Your sidehop attempts are much better than mine at that height.

You’ve much to learn of physics, young uni-hopper.

Eh ! Eh ! That’s me…why in the past ? I still can do it… but rolling…

There’s not a lot of people in Quebec who ride, then there’s not a lot of people in Quebec who ride SIF, then there’s not a lot of people in Quebec who ride SIF who can jump high, so I assume you are talking about Vince, Julien and the maybe third one is Owen, am I right ?

I’m not a really good seat out rider, but you’re falling forward, so if you try to put more pressure on your back foot and stay more over your wheel, it might help.

Hope it helps, and keep practicing, you’re good !