Trials- Hidden Oaks

Video that I filmed at a small park called Hidden Oaks.

Big Download-
If you’re on a mac download VLC media player and make the file .vlc

Small Download-
When I tried it, the download started as main.php, so change it to hiddenoaks.wmv

youtubed if anyone can’t download it.


the small download’s not working.

Upload it to Youtube.


Small Download (working)-


UTV link will take a little while to go online, it will be avaliable once Olarf puts it for public viewing.

Excuse the adobe icon.

Neither one working for me. (4:30pm PST)

I got it to work.

I thought it was a pretty good vid, it held my attention.

and I liked the skinny your rode.

The first link I put in that post was a DL link, so right click and save as. The second link takes you to the page to watch it on UTV, but like I said it won’t be online until Olarf has some time to do that.

nothing works for me…why not post it on youtube silly!?:stuck_out_tongue:


Nice :sunglasses:

That’s possibly the highes resolution of any online uni vid I’ve seen! :smiley:

Kills the quality of my beautiful new camera. What browser are you using? Try the big download from again.

Thanks for the coments guys.

Skilewis- did you download the big DL or the small DL?

Could you put it in your Gallery then.

None of them work for me…Gallery or Youtube…Pease. :slight_smile: :o


You have no idea how much quality you’re missing when you watch it on youtube.:frowning:

Meh… everybody’s using this megaupload thing now and there’s a really annoying DL limit…

That was really good! :slight_smile: That didnt nail the quality that bad…But so close to the whole picnic table! Good Job…And do you always use Adobe to edit? Or was that just a sample? What do you usually use?


its gonna take an hour to upload big file!
edit:good vid. try not to use so many set up hops will your on skinny’s, it ruins the flow.

Wow, your internet must be slow. When I downloaded the big file to test it it only took about 15 minutes.

And about the skinny, I do need to work on skinny turns without hops. Its a pretty hard skill to turn with your pedals vertical lets say, with a small room for error.

You wonldn’t say that about the quality if you saw the downloaded version.
No, I don’t usually use adobe for editing. This was just the tryout version, which is why it had the adobe sign. I usually use WMM…yuck.


Yeah, that’s a big difference!

It took me 15 min as well, but then I was on one of the fast computers at my college library.

good video.:slight_smile:

good video, have you ever gotten that picnic table hop off camera?


sorry for the delay in getting it up on UTV. There were some problems getting it to stream or something like that, but now thats all fixed. The link for UTV viewing will be up in a day or two.