Trials Heaven #2

The sequel to my last video made at “Hidden Fields.”

Comments are greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Cool, looks like such a great place to spend a day riding!

Yep, which is exactly why you should come down for a ride :).

check your pms :P.

Would be cool if everything wasn’t so loose.

That only makes it more challenging :wink: We made a rule when we went out there: Play everything as it lies.

EDIT: That’s also only 1/8 of the stuff out there to ride too. Lots of pallets, rocks, skinnies, gaps, and cinderblocks - but I hate cinderblocks.

Sounds cool. I’ve got amazing rock trials just outside my house. But their all far too loose and theres a good chance of a landslide lol.

Plus it just makes it annoying… Sometimes you just want some nice solid objects that you can focus doing good lines now. Not just little things that are hard enough to just stay on.

Awesome video quality, editing, and place to ride. I’d where a helmet there if I were you…lots of loose stuff, head+concrete=BAAAD.

yer it does look like trials heaven…

Thanks guys! I completely agree about the helmet, I tend to forget how dangerous certain things can be.

Solid riding, cool place to ride and nice video quality!

Cool vid jason. How high can you side hop now?


Thanks! I think my highest ledge was around 29", but I’m almost certain I can hit the 30" mark now.

What about you?

enjoyed the song and got a kick out of the board breaking.

Oh I haven’t even tried beating my record since mid last summer. And it was 25" I think.

love the multi angle two shot screen! So 24esque.

hey nice video mate, the spot does look really nice, the fact it’s not all bolted together makes it adjustable as well… you know the gap 5cm too big?? move it :wink:

Thanks for the comments guys :). We generally walk through the lines beforehand to get an idea of what objects are going to move…and how much they are going to move.

I love 24 haha! That is probably my favorite part too though, I had to do it when I heard that distinctive beat in the music.

I liked the video a lot. The music went with it really well.

I really enjoyed seeing riders focus on some smaller, more technical trials lines, instead of just going for the showy big stuff. though both styles have their place.