Trials- good pedals?

Hey. I have one of those Summit Trials unis that sold for a while, and the pedals are shot.

Can I hear some opinons about which pedals I should replace them with?

Snafu Concave

Oddessy Jim Cielniki’s(sp)

Yeah, I’ve ordered myself a pair of Odyssey Jim Cielencki’s for my muni upgrade. If I had the money to spare I’d get some for my trials uni too. I love everything about them. They’re really strong with oversized chromoly spindles, I love the design of the pins and the fact that they screw in from the opposite side to your foot, and there are heaps more things I love about them. They’re pretty expensive, but I know I’ve paid that much already in replaceing poor pedals wqith bent spindles and worn bearings.


Yeah, the Jim Cielinskoppenheimeriski’s (sp?) are very good pedals. I bent two pairs of pedals before buying the Jim C.'s and those ones have held up brilliantly so far.

unfortunately, when it’s wet out, they don’t grip very well. other than that, they’re excellent.

I am on my second set of Primos. They’re blue too!

I’ve ridden on Snafus, Wellgos, and am currently on Odyssey JCs. The JCs are by far my favorite because the pins aren’t too long, but they still keep you from slipping super bad.

Hmmm… Sounds like the voice of the people is for the Odyssey JCs. I gotta admit, when I saw the price, I was a little put off, but… OK. As far as them getting slippery- I wear a pair of Vasque Velocitys when I ride- the soles are rally good about hanging on a pedal with pins in it.

Thanks for the advice, folks!

And don’t forget to check out the Muni-crud I got on CafePress: