Trials - Gold Coast, Australia

Hi having some fun rock hopping on the Gold Coast, Australia

Hey Aaron! cool rock trials! are you going to Uninats this year?

Hey crosseyed! Thanks mate

Considering it, not sure if i would do well in a contest though, i recently been riding 29 and 36 road atm

do a little bit of rock trials and street when i get the chance. :slight_smile:

Do you ride street?


You should definitely come to Uninats this year! It’s less about the competition, and more about riding with new people and pushing each others abilities outside the competition! I strongly recommend attending! :slight_smile:

I ride Flatland mainly, with a little bit of street. I plan to make a small trials video this year sometime for fun haha.

Hey crosseyed,

Your not tirryn by any chance? And your brother is brandon?

You guys are have progressed alot! Loving some of the past uninats vids!

What dates are uninats on this year, if i dont make it this year, definately year after,

Am keen to ride with other riders as in the year i have been riding have yet to rode with anyone else. .

Would be great to meet some fellow aussie riders.


damn, no pads or anything?

Us australians are a bit crazy, alot of bmx guys wear nothing aswell even attempting big flips and whips i where shin pads sometimes for street and flat and always a helmet.

Props to your filmer to holding the camera steady, but next time have them hold it transverse.

Yeah my girlfriend didnt care, i just said film a quick clip as i dont take trials very serious just a little bit of quick fun, and later discovered that it should have been held the other way.

Yeah I’m Tirryn :slight_smile: and my brother is Brandon haha. I haven’t used the forums in ages.

Thanks man! I feel like I have hit a bit of a wall now, but I’m trying to push through it :slight_smile: Uninats is in early October this year. I’m not sure on exact dates, they haven’t talked about it as much or promoted it as much as they should have by now. It’s being held in Sydney I believe.

Yeah that’s the best part about Uninats! meeting and riding with new people :smiley:

Ah sweet!

Sounds good man

Far out thats not far away, only 3 months.

Isnt it normally held December?

I see uninats does not have marathon included?

I am going to enter 10km and maybe trials event.

How do I enter? do I have to be a member or can you rock up and pay fees for the event?

Hey Aaron
You should be able to register on when its updated. For AUS membership you can pay and apply for it on the day :slight_smile: This years uninats is October 3rd - 6th somewhere near Sydney I believe.